Abbott, W., Chiropodist
“Acme” Machine Company (The)
Adam, Geo., Smith and Ornamental Ironworker
Adam, J.M., & Co., “The Engineering Bureau”
Adam & Wright, General Warehousemen
Adams, Gilbert, Wholesale Pump Manufacturer
Adams, R.J., & R., Pianoforte and Music Warehouse
Adams, Wm., & Son, Fancy Stationers
Adamson Brothers, Photographers
Adshead, N., Wholesale Stationer, Steam Printer, Bookbinder, &c.
Agar Cross & Co., Foreign Merchants
Agg, John, Union Hotel
Agnew, Robert H., Wholesale Cabinet Manufacturer
Aim, W.L., & Co., Paint and Colour Manufacturers
Aitken, Campbell & Co., Manufacturers and Warehousemen
Aitken, Lilburn & Co., Steam Ship Owners
Aitken, McNeal & Co., Colonial Iron Works
Alexander Brothers, Artists and Art Photographers
Alexandra Hotel, 148, Bath Street
Allan, A. & J., General Provision Merchants, &c.
Allan, D., Tobacco and Cigar Merchant
Allan, Robert, Hosier, &c.
Allan, Thomas, & Sons, Springbank Iron Works
Anchor Line of Steam Ships (The), Messrs. Henderson Bros., Owners
Anderson, Archibald, Wholesale and Shipping Butcher
Anderson, D.R.A., Oil Merchant and Refiner
Anderson, Duncan G., Clothier
Anderson, James, Grocer and Provision Merchant
Anderson, James & Co., Calenderers
Anderson, Thomas, Picture Dealer, Carver, and Gilder
Anderson, Thomas, Poulterer, Fishmonger, &c.
Anderson, Wm., Veterinary Surgeon, F.R.C.Y.S.
Anderson & Lyall, Engineers and Boiler Makers
Anderson & Shaw, Wholesale Tea and Wine Merchants
Andrew, G. & C., Fringers
Angus, Craibe & Son, Fine Art Galleries
Angus, David, Family Bootmaker
Annan, T. & K., & Sons, Portrait and Landscape Photographers
Amot, James L., Plumber and Gasfitter
Arrol Brothers, Iron and Steel Works
Arrol, Wm. & Co., Dalmarnock Iron Works
Arthur & Co., Limited, Warehousemen
Art Needlework Repository
Assafrey, A.T., Chocolatier et Confiseur
Auld, David & Sons, Engineers and Ironfounders
Austin and McAslan, Seeds, &c.
Ayr Steam Shipping Co. (The)

Back, W. G., Velvet Silk Merchant
Baikie & Hogg, Shirt Tailors
Baillie, Wm., Baker and Confectioner
Bain, James, Fishmonger and Poulterer
Bainbridge, Geo., Florist
Baird, A. & Co., Gold and Silver Beaters
Baird, Archibald & Son, Wholesale Ironmongers, &c.
Baird, James B., Painter and Decorator
Baird, John, French Polisher
Baird, John, Glass Beveller and Silverer
Baird, John & Co., Spirit Brokers, Commission Merchants, &c.
Ballantyne, John, Bakers’ Utensil Maker
Ballantyne, J.M. & Co., Manufacturers and Agents
Bamber, James, Hairdresser and Perfumer
Barker & Rennie, Brush Makers
Barlow, T.C., Flag and Tent Maker
Barr, Wm. & Sons, Colliery Owners
Bell, J. & M.P. & Co. (Limited), Earthenware Manufacturers
Bell, John & Sons, Shipping Butcher and Provision merchant
Bell & Co., Manufacturing Chemists
Berry, Thomas & Co., Wholesale Umbrella, Bag and Portmanteau Manufacturers
Bews, Miller & Co., Manufacturers
Biggar, Alex., Importer of Musical Instruments
Bilsland Brothers, Hyde Park Bakery
Bilsland, John & Co., Bolt and Rivet Works
Bishop, Thomas, Ship Chandler, &c.
Bishopbriggs Quarry Company
Black & Wingate, Handkerchief Manufacturers
Black, David, Produce Broker, &c.
Black, James, Fancy Paper Box Maker
Blair, Campbell, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant
Blair, Campbell & McLean, Coppersmiths and Brassfounders
Blair, John & Co., Hat and Cap Manufacturers
Blake, R. & Co., Manufacturers
Bloom, Louis, Picture Frame Manufacturer
Blythswood Commercial Hotel
Boag, J., Tool Manufacturer
Boag, John N., Wine Merchant and Restaurateur
Bogue, R. A. & Co., Clothiers, Clerical and Legal Robe Makers
Boiler Insurance and Steam Power Company
Boot, G., Blythswood Chair Factory
Borland, J. & J., Brothers., Clothiers
Bost & Turner, Iron Merchants
Boston, Thomas, Gem and Seal Engraver
Bowie, C. T. & Co., House Painters
Bowie, W. & J., Dyers, Cleaners, &e.
Boyd, A., Costume Manufacturer
Boyd, Alex., Dispensing and Manufacturing Chemist
Boyd, Barrow & Co., Fruit Brokers
Boyd, James W., Wholesale and Retail Furnishing Ironmonger
Braby, Frederick, & Co. Limited, Eclipse Iron and Galvanizing Works
Brand, Robert, Wholesale and Retail Dairyman
Brash, John, Box Manufacturer
Brechin Brothers, Butchers
Bremner, James & Co., Mantle Manufacturers
Briggs, Thomas, Spinner and Manufacturer
British Hat Cleaning Co. (The)
British & Foreign Glass.Co. (The)
Brock, Wm. & Son, Grain Merchants
Brodie, R., Chemist and Druggist
Brook, Jonas & Brothers, Sewing Cotton Manufacturers
Brown, Daniel, Restaurateur, Pastrycook, &c.
Brown, J. & Co., Seedsmen, Florists, &c.
Brown, J. & G., Joiners and Packing-box Makers
Brown, James, Family Bread and Biscuit Baker
Brown, James, Mount Blue Pottery
Brown, James & Wm., Coal Merchants
Brown, John, Saddler and Harness-Maker
Brown, Smith & Co., Wholesale Warehousemen
Brown, Stewart & Co., Papermakers
Brown, Thomas, Joiner, Builder, &c.
Brown & Co., margarine, ham & cheese, &c.
Browne, John R., Artistic Photographer
Brownlee & Co., City Saw Mills
Brownlee, John, Family Baker and Purveyor
Brownlie, P. S. & Co., Manufacturers of Fire Bricks, &c.
Bruce, Archibald, Plumber and Gasfitter
Bruce, Robert & Son, Paper Makers’ Agents
Bryce, David & Sons, Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationers
Bryce, J. & Son, Family Hatters
Bryson Brothers, Sign Writers, Grainers, &c.
Buchanan J. & Co., Coachbuilders
Buchanan, James, Fish-hook Manufacturer
Buchanan, Wm., Bookseller, &c.
Buchanan, Wm., Grain, Hay, and Straw Merchant
Buchanan, Young & Co., Printers and Stationers
Bulloch, Lade & Co., Distillers
Bunten, Wm. & Co., Drysalters
Burns & Laughland, Manufacturers of Tweeds
Burns, Crawford & Co., Importers and Exporters
Burns, J. & W., North British Hair Cutting Saloons
Burton, Henry & Co., Outfitters

Cairns & Laing, Plumbers and Gas-fitters
Calder, J. & Co., Publishers, General Printers, &c.
Caldwell, Young & Co., Silk Manufacturers
Caledonian Restaurant (The) (J. Arbuckle, Proprietor)
Cameron & Campbell, Parkhead Chemical Works
Cameron, John, Tailor and Clothier
Cameron, R., Cabinet Maker, &c.
Campbell, D. A., Tea Merchant and Grocer
Campbell, Geo., Ladies’ and Gentleman’s Outfitter
Campbell, John, Family Grocer, Tea and Wine Merchant
Campbell, J. & W. & Co., Warehousemen
Campbell, McDonald & Co., Ship Carpenters, &c.
Campbell, P. & A., Saw and Moulding Mills
Campbell, Quintin, Silk Agent
Campbell, R. & A., Wool Merchants and Brokers
Campbell, Thomas B. & Sons, Metal and Tinplate Merchants
Campbell & Co., Chemical Manufacturers
Campbell & Hattan, Coppersmiths and Brass Founders
Cantrell & Cochrane, Mineral Waters. &c.
Carlaw David, General Engineer, &c.
Carmichael, D., Tobacconist
Carrick, James G. & Co., Manufacturers of Trunks, Baths, &c.
Caulfield & Co., Importers and Merchants
Cera Light Company, Limited
Chalmers, David, Hosier, Glover, Hatter, and Clothier
Chalmers, J. & Co., Bakers, &c.
Christie, Devlin & Findlay, Pavement Merchants
Clapperton, John & Co., Wholesale Warehousemen and Manufacturers
Clark, John, Cash Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant
Clark, Wm., Draper and Hosier
Clark, Wm. & Co., Iron and Steel Merchants
Clarke & Caldwell, Tailors, &c.
Clavering, Thomas, Son & Co., Iron Brokers
Clyde Cooperage Company, Limited (The), Coopers, &c.
Clyde Rivet Works Company (The)
Cobden Hotel, W. Forsyth & Co., Proprietors
Cochran, Alex., & Co., Cabinet Makers
Cochran, Robert, & Co., Britannia Pottery
Cochran, Robert, & Co., Verreville Pottery
Cochran & King, Brush Manufacturers
Cocker, James, Stationer and Account Book Maker
Cohen, Joseph, & Son, Tobacconist Furnishers, &c.
Collins, John M., Engineer, &c.
Colvill & Co., Tea Warehouse
Connal & Bannatyne, Sewed Muslin Manufacturers
Cooper, Hunter, & Rodger, Mantle, Millinery, and Drapery Warehouse
Copeland, J., & Co., Engineers
Copland & Lye, Drapers
Corsan & Currie, Fish and Ice Merchants, &c.
Cousar, John, & Co., Linen Merchants and Sack Manufacturers
Cousland, Archibald, & Co., Machine Wire and Wire Cloth Makers
Cowan, Brownlie, & Co., Clothiers
Cowan & Drysdale, Merchants and Drysalters
Craddock, John C.B., Manufacturing Jet Jeweller
Craig, Hugh, Grocer and Provision Merchant
Craig, John, Stair Railer, Turner, Fret Cutter, &c.
Craig, Peter, Furnishing Ironmonger
Craig, Wm., Grocer and Provision Merchant
Crawford, Cree & Co., Wool Brokers
Cree, Alex., & Co., Cabinet Makers
Crichton, James, Goldsmith, Silversmith, and Jeweller
Croggon & Co. Limited, Iron House and Church Builders
Crosher, Ed., Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, &c.
Crosher, Wm., & Co., Screw, Bolt, and Nut Manufacturers
Cross, Alex,, & Sons, Seed Merchants and Importers
Cullen, John, Grain Merchant
Cunningham, John & Co., Kingston Paint Works
Currie & Co., Portland Cement Manufacturers
Currie & Co., Lithographers

Dale, R. & Smith, Glaziers, Glass Stainers
Dalmarnock Weaving Co.
Dalrymple, Geo. & Co., Brewers
Dalziel, John & Son, Engineers, Millwrights, &c.
Danks, Wm., Family Butcher
Davidson, Geo., Fine Art Dealer, &c.
Davie, Neilson, Heddle and Reed Manufacturer
Dempster, Moore & Co., Engineers
Dickie & Inglis, Paper Merchants, &c.
Dickson, Peter, Bootmaker
Dickson & McIntyre, Drapers
Dilger & Barclay, Watch and Clock Makers, &c.
Dobbie, Alex., & Son, Chronometer Makers
Dobbie, C. L. & Son, Carvers and Gilders
Dobbie, Forbes & Co., Stove and Range Manufacturers
Dobson, Wm. L. & Co., Tailors and Clothiers
Dods, Wm., Hosier, Glover, and Shirt-maker
Donohoe, M. J., Fruit Broker and Commission Merchant
Doran, Joseph, Wholesale Stationer
Dott, Geo., Mercantile Stationer
Douglas, G. A. H. & Co., Mercantile and Law Stationers
Douglas, Wm., Painter and Decorator
Downie, James & Co., Manufacturers
Dreghom, David (Wm. Henderson & Sons), Soap Makers
Dron & Lawson, Engineers, Machine Makers
Drummond, Andrew, Wholesale Glass, &c.
Drysdale, James, Grocer Wine and Spirit Merchant
Drysdale & Co., Manufacturers of “Bon Accord” Centrifugal Pumps
Dubs & Co., Locomotive Works
Duff, Charles, Hairdresser and Perfumer
Duncan, Daniel, Junr., Draper
Duncan, John & Son, Tobacconists and Cigarette Manufacturers
Duncan’s Temperance Hotel
Duncan & Taylor, Manufacturers of Shirts, Serge, Duck, &c.
Dunlop, Hugh & Sons, Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Outfitters
Dunlop, Thomas & Sons, Grain and Flour Merchants
Dunsmuir & Jackson, Engineers and Boiler Makers
Duthie, A., The Photographic Warehouse

Easton, Geo., Leather Merchant
Edgar, David, Tailor, Hosier, &c.
Edgar, James F., Decorator
Edgar, Wm. M., Grocer and Wine Merchant
Edinburgh Roperie and Sailcloth Company, Limited
Edmiston and Mitchells, Timber Brokers and Commission Merchants
Eglinton Chemical Company, Limited
Elder, James, Warehouseman
Elder, John & Co. (The Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Limited)
Elder & Cameron, Carpet and House Furnishing Warehousemen
Ewing, John, Tea, Coffee, and Wine Merchant
Ewing, John, Grain, Hay, and Seed Merchant

Faill, A. & J., Contractors, Causewayers, and Quarrymasters
Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Limited (The), John Elder & Co.
Fairservice, Geo. C., Bookbinder, Account-book Manufacturer
Falconer & Co., Shopfitters
Ferguson, Allan & Co., Cabinetmakers, &c.
Ferguson, Malcolm. & Co., Merchants and Commission Agents
Ferguson & Forrester, Restaurateurs, Purveyors, and Confectioners
Ferrie, Joseph, Music Publisher
Ferrier & Strain, Coal Masters
Findlay, Alex. & Robert, Pianoforte Warehouse
Finlay, R. G., & Bros., Shirting Manufacturers
Finlayson, Brothers, Pianoforte and Music Sellers
Fisher, G. D. & Co., Shawl Manufacturers
Fitzpatrick, H. D., Patent Agent
Fleming, James, Tea Merchant and General Grocer
Fletcher, A. & Co., Manufacturers of Ladies' Underclothing, &c
Forbes, Daniel, Wholesale and Export Stationer, &c.
Forgie, J. & T., Desk and Dressing-Case Makers
Forrester, John, Wine Merchant, Baker, Cook, &c.
Forrester, Robert, Bookseller, Publisher, Ac.
Forrester, Robert, Colliery Owner
Foster, John, Dispensing and Family Chemist
Foster, W. A., Boot and Shoe Maker
France & Morgan, General Brass-founders
Fraser, Andrew, Glasgow Safe Works
Fraser, Charles, Fancy Draper
Frater, H. Junr., Carver and Gilder
Frazer & Green, Pharmaceutical Chemists
French, Miss R., Ladies' and Children's Underclothing
Frew, Alex., Carriage Builder
Frew, James, Cabinet and Builders' Ironmongers
Fulton, James & Co., Provision Merchants

Gall, Alex., Carriage Hirer
Galloway, John, Silk Handkerchief Manufacturer
Gardner, A. & Son, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers
Gardner, Andrew, Painter and Decorator
Gardner, John, Family and Shipping Butcher
Gardner, Robert & Co., Lithographers
Garman, Wm., Hairdresser, Perfumer, &c.
Garroway, R. & J., Netherfield Chemical Works
Gauldie, John D., Broomhall Engine Works
Gemmell, James & Co., Tea Merchants
Gentles, Wm. & Co., Wholesale and Export Warehouses, English, and Foreign Paperhangings, &c.
George Hotel  (Mr. D. McLachlan, Proprietor)
George, Wm. McD., Wright and Builder
Gibson & Clark, Corn Factors and Shipowners
Gibson, James & Co., Gun and Fishing Tackle Makers
Gilchrist Brothers, Importers of Flour
Gillespie, Gray, & Co., Crown Brewery
Gillies, James, & Co., Engineers, &c.
Glasgow Asphalte, Felt, and Waterproof Cloth Company (J. Greenshields & Co.)
Glasgow Boiler Covering Company (The)
Glasgow Clothing Company
Glasgow Dress and Mourning Warehouse (The)
Glasgow Plate Glass Insurance Company (The)
Glass, Charles, & Co., Printers, Stereotypes, and Publishers
Glen & Ross, Engineers
Glenboig Union Fireclay Company, Limited (The)
Glover, John, & Sons, Brassfounders
Goodwin, John, House Factor, &c.
Gordon, Robert H., Chemist
Gordon, Thomas, Tea Merchant
Gorman, Robert, Engraver
Goudie, James T., & Co., Water-proofers
Gourlie and Barnet, Manufacturers
Grant, Geo., & Sons. Manufacturers
Grant, Somerville & Co., Shirting, Skirt and Slop Manufacturers
Gray, Charles & David, Loch Katrine Distillery
Gray, Duncan & Sons. Sailmakers
Gray, James & John, Wholesale Hat and Cap Manufacturers
Greenhead Mill Company, Commission Wool Combers and Worsted Spinners

Hailey, Joseph, Clothier
Hall, Wm., Artist and Photographer
Halstead, Henry, Wadding Manufacturer
Hamilton & Co., Yarn Agents
Hamilton, David, Annfield Bottling Stores
Hamilton, James, Calenderer
Hamilton, James, Printer
Hamilton, John, Grocer & Provision Merchant
Hamilton, McCulloch & Co., Coalmasters
Hamilton, William, & Co., Tea Merchants
Handley, John, & Sons, Trunk and Portmanteau Manufacturers
Hannah, Joseph, Antique Books, Furniture, &c.
Hannay’s Patents Company, Limited, Oil Manufacturers
Harris, Thomas, Carver and Gilder, &c.
Hartoch & Co., Dutch Aromatic Bitters Manufacturers
Harvey, Alex., & Son, Dyers
Harvie & McGavin, Anderston Grain Mills
Hatrick, W. & R., & Co., Pharmaceutical Chemists
Hay Brothers, Wholesale Confectioners
Hay, James, Warehouseman
Hay, Samuel, The London and Continental Piano and American Organ Rooms
Henderson, James, Carriage Hirer
Henderson, James, & Co., Coach-builders
Henderson, John, & Son, Mineral Boring Prospectors & Artesian Well Engineers
Henderson, Osbert, Furnishing Ironmonger
Henderson, Wm., & Sons (Mr. David Dreghorn), Soap Makers
Henderson, Wm, & Sons, Wholesale Fish Merchants and Curers
Hendrie, John, & Co., Coalmasters
Hendry, James, Outfitter
Hendry, James, Saddler
Hendry, Wm., & Son, Plumbers, Gas Fitters, &c.
Hetherington & Anderson, Yam Agents and Merchants
Hillcoat, Robert, & Sons, Scotch Whisky Merchants
Hilliard, W. B., & Sons, Surgical Mechanists
His Lordship’s Larder and Hotel (T. White, Proprietor)
Hislop, Charles, House Painting, Decorating, &c.
Hislop, T. W., Hardware and Smallware Importer
Holmes, Peter, Coach Builder
Hooper & Edwards, Stained Glass and Decorative Art Works
Hope, Alex., Junior, & Co., Manufacturing Chemists
Hopkins, Hugh, Bookseller
Horn & Connell, Printers
Horne, Andrew M., Family Grocer and Provision Merchant
Houston & McNairn, American Produce and Commission Merchants
Howat, D. G., & Co., Muslin Lace Curtain Manufacturers
Hoy, Archibald, Family Grocer, &c.
Hubbard, Walter, Baker
Hughes & Pinkerton, Purveyors, Pastry Bakers
Humphreys, H. J., & Co., Glass Writers, Embossers, &c.
Hunter, Alex., Family Grocer and Wine Merchant
Hunter, A. G., & Co., Hatters
Hunter, Hardin & Wilson, Germiston Bolt and Rivet Works
Hunter, John C., Chemist
Hunter, Wm. R., Wine, Spirit, and Malt Liquor Merchant
Hutchinson, Peter, Gardener, Fruiterer, Florist & Confectioner

Inglis & Wakefield, Calico Printers
Inglis, A. & J., Engineers and Shipbuilders
Ingram, Charles, Gun Maker
Irwin & Campbell, Lamp Makers
Izat, Thomas, & Co., Tea and Coffee Merchants

Jack, J. & W., Butchers
Jackson, John, Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Wine Merchant
Jamieson, Robert, Wholesale Tobacconist and Cigar Importer
Jebb, Alex., & Sons, Flock and Bedding Manufacturers
Johnson, David, Engineer
Johnston, James, & Co., Manufacturers
Johnston & Co., Jewellers, Watchmakers, &c.

Kay, Thomas, & Co., Wrights, Builders, Packing-case Makers, &c.
Kelso & Co., Opticians, Electricians, and Model Makers
Kemp, David, & Son, Silk Mercers, &c.
Kennedy, Hugh & Sons, Railway and Public Works Contractors
Kennedy, Rankin, Electrician
Kenning, George, Goldsmith, &c.
Kerr, Alex., Bread and Biscuit Baker
Kerr, John D., Bag Paper Stock and General Commission Merchant
Kidston, Wm. & Sons, Timber Merchants
Kier, W. & J. J., Glass Stainers
King, Wm., Cooper
Kinninmont, Alex., Pharmaceutical Chemist
Kirkland, John, & Sons, Bakers
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, Draper
Kirsop, John, & Son, Hatters

Laidlaw & Co., Manufacturers of Tobacco Juice, Tobacco Powder, &c.
Laidlaw, Maison, Ladies' Tailor and Court Dressmaker
Laidlaw, R., & Son, Gas and Water Engineers
Laird, A. C., General Draper
Laird, John & Co., Wholesale Provisions
Lamont, John, & Co., Merchants
Lang & Co., Plain and Fancy Muslin Manufacturers
Latimer, Robert, Tin, Copper, and Lead Works
Lauder, John, Slater and Plasterer
Laughland, Miss, Furrier
Law, John, Bread and Biscuit Baker
Law, John, & Co., Tinned and Enamelled Ware Manufacturers
Law, Thomas, & Co., Shipowners
Law, Wm. T., Chemist
Lawrie, R. G., Ivory Turner
Lawson & Co., Wholesale Jewellers and General Merchants
Lees, Anderson & Co., Millwrights, Engineers, and Boilermakers
Leith, Hull, and Hamburgh Steam Packet Co. (The) (Messrs. J. Currie & Co.)
Liddell, David, Bookbinder and Manufacturing Stationer
Liddell, Wm., Central Yacht Agency
Ligat, David, & Son, Manufacturers
Lindsay, Charles, Manufacturing Wholesale Ironmonger, &c.
Lindsay, R. B., & Co., Patent Packing Manufacturers
Linn, Wm., & Son, Upholsterers' Furnishers
Linton, James, Plaster and Cement Worker
Little, James, & Co., Shipowners
Littlejohn, J. & D., Wine Merchants
Livingston, Ewing & Co., Purchasers, Agents, &c.
Livingston, Inglis & Co., Hide and Leather Factors
Livingston, Robert, Brassfounder
Lizars, J., Optician
Lockhart’s Cocoa Rooms
Lockharts & Watson, Clothiers and Tailors
Logie & Co., Drapery and Clothing
London & Paris Mantle Co. (The)
Lorimer & Moyes, Wholesale Warehousemen
Lottimer, Wm., & Co., Mantle Manufacturers
Lumsden, James, Son & Co., Wholesale Stationers
Lynch, P. & T., Brewers and Aerated Water Manufacturers

Macalister, J. & R., Manufacturers
McArthur, J., Tailor
MacArthur & Jackson, Lubricating Oils
McArthur, Samuel, Ham, Butter, and Egg Merchant
MacBrayne, David, Steamship Owner
McCashin, Denis, Ham, Butter, &c.
McChesney, Wm., Machine Embroiderer
McCheyne. James M. & Co., Auctioneers
McClure, J. & Son’s Art Galleries
McColl, Wm., Family Grocer, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant
McConnell, Wm., Dyer, &c.
McCosh, Thomas & Son, Tailors
McCracken, A., & Co., Warehousemen
McDonald, Alex, Registered Plumber and Gasfitter
Macdonald, C. & R., Agents
Macdonald, D. & J., Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers
Macdonald, D. K., Public Works Furnisher and Brush Merchant
McDonald, David, Saddler and Harness-maker
Macdonald, J. & A., Tea Dealers, Grocers, &c.
Macdonald, James, Saddler and Harness Maker
Macdonald, John, Nurseryman and Florist
McDonald & Morrison, Extra Chief Engineers
McDowall, J., & Co., Seed Merchants, &c.
McDowall, Steven & Co., Ironfounders
Macfarlane Brothers, Engineers
Macfarlane, Colin & Co., Coopers, Hoop, and Stave Merchants
McFarlane, J., Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger
McFarlane, J. & A., Domestic Machinery Manufacturers
McFarlane, John, Plumber and Gasfitter
McFarlane, John, Shortbread Manufacturer
Macfarlane, John,& Co., Sailmakers
Macfarlane, Lang & Co., Bread and Biscuit Factory
McFarlane, M. & J., Forage Merchants
Macfarlane, Strang & Co. (Limited), Lochburn Iron Works
McGeachy, James, & Co.
McGeoch, Wm. & Co., Ironmongers
McGhie & Bolton, Manufacturers
Macgill, J. S., & Co., Oil Merchants and Drysalters
McGilvray, R. A., Architectural Modeller, Plasterer, &c.
McGlashan, James, Commission Merchant
McGready, John, Publisher
Macgregor, A. R. & Co., Muslin and Calico Printers
Macguire & Jago, Saw and Tool Manufacturers
McIlvride, A. B., The City Paper Box Works
McIlvride, Johnston & Orr, Manufacturers of Fancy Paper and Drapers' Boxes, &c.
Macindoe, Thomas & Lauder, Property Agents
McInnally, James, Junr., Grocer and Provision Merchant
Macintosh & Gow, Clothiers
McIntosh, John, Grocer, Wine Merchant, &c.
Macintyre, J. & J., Dress and Skirting Manufacturers
Mackay, Angus, Victoria Hotel
Mackay, A. & B., Wine and Spirit Merchants, &c.
Mackay, A., & Co., Ship Owners
Mackay, M., Wholesale Tea Merchant
McKean, Wm., Pork Butcher
Mackenzie, A., Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Tea Merchant
McKenzie, C. & Son, Bakers, &c.
Mackenzie & Co., Lacemen, Hosiers, and Glovers
Mackie, J. Winton, Marble Cutter
Mackill, Robert, & Co., Steamship Owners and Brokers
Mackinlay, Miss E., Maker of Ladies' Underclothing
Mackinlay, R. W, & Son, Metal Smelters, Refiners, &c.
Maclaren, Robert & Co., Iron Founders
McLean, Archibald, Plumber and Gasfitter
McLean & Cameron, Manufacturers of Marble and Decorative Paper Hangings
Maclean, Charles, Provision Merchant
Maclean, D. & Co., Merchants
Maclean, Macfie, & Co., Auctioneers and Valuers
McLellan, A. & J., Contractors
McLeod, John, & Son, Auctioneers
McMillan Brothers, Glass-paper and Emery Cloth Manufacturers
McMillan Brothers, Shipping and Carting Agents, and Contractors
McMillan, Hugh, Clothier
McMillan, John, Chemist
McMillan, John, Clothier and Tailor
Macnab, Alex., Artist in Photography
McNab, Robert, Tin Plate Worker
McNaught, James, junr., Wholesale Confectioner and Preserve Maker
Macnee, T., & Co., Manufacturers of Waterproof Tweeds and Linings, &c.
MacNeill, James, & Co., Colour Varnish and Paint Manufacturers
McNish, Robert & Co., Merchants
McOnie, W., & W., Engineers
McOuat, John, & Son, Slaters and Slate Merchants
Macpherson & Buchanan, Live Stock and General Agents
McPhun, J. & D., Timber Merchants and Wood Turners
McQuaker, Wm., Hat Manufacturer
McQueen, Colin & Co., Crape, Benares, and Muslin Curtain Manufacturers
McSparran, James, Ship Store and Provision Merchant
McSymon & Potter, Ship Chandlers, &c.
McWilliam, J. & J., Wine and Spirit Merchants

Maguire, Henry, Wholesale and Retail Grocer
Main & Giffen, Seed Merchants, &c.
Main, R. & A., Gas Stove Manufacturers
Mains & McGlashan, Yam Agents and Merchants
Maitland, Alex., Baker, Cook, and Purveyor
Maitland, John, Bridge Street Station Hotel
Malcolm, William, Fishmonger
Mann, Byars & Co., Merchants and Manufacturers
Mann, Summers & Co., Wholesale Stationers
Manuel & Webster, Italian Warehousemen, &c.
Marr, Hamilton & Co., Wrights, Builders, Packing-box Makers
Marriott & Graham, Locomotive Boiler Makers
Marshall, Andrew, & Co., Cotton Yarn Merchants
Marshall, James, Ibrox Flour Mills
Martin & Millar, Tanners
Martin, William, Shipping and Passenger Agent
Mason, Robert, Plumber and Lead Merchant
Maver, Robert & Son, Pianoforte Warehouse
Meldrum Brothers & Co., Warehousemen
Mellis, Daniel, Gymnastic Apparatus Manufacturer
Menzies, James, Wine Merchant
Mercantile Accident and Guarantee Insurance Company, Limited (The)
Michie, J. & Son, Umbrella and Portmanteau Manufacturers
Mickel, Andrew, Wholesale Shirts, &c.
Mickel, Robert & Co., Victoria Sawmills, &c.
Milbourne & Harris, Engineers, Millwrights, &c.
Millar, Henry & Co., Family Hatters
Millar, John, Drvsalter
Miller, A. D. & Co., Silversmiths
Miller, Daniel, Carver, Gilder and Print-seller
Miller, James, Wholesale Stationer
Miller, James & Co., Rivet, Screw, Bolt, and Nut Manufacturers
Miller, Joseph, Glass Stainer
Miller, McKinnon & Co., Iron and Metal Merchants
Miller, Robert, Colourman, Stationer, &c.
Milne & Burnett, Manufacturers' Agents
Milton Iron Works, McDowall, Steven & Co., Ironfounders & Iron Merchants
Mitchell, A. & J., Wholesale Provision Merchants
Mitchell, A., Jun. & Sons, Manufacturers of Dress Goods, &c.
Mitchell, Nicol, Grocer and Provision Merchant
Mitchell, W. & Sons (Ayr), Wholesale Provision Merchants
Mitchell, W. G., & Co., Calico Finishers, Calenderers, &c.
Moodie, James, Painter
Moore, James, Dairyman
Moore, Thomas, Auctioneer
Morrison, Dick & McCulloch, Auctioneers, &c.
Morrison, John, Draper, Milliner and Clothier
Morrison, R., & Co., Oil and Colour Merchants
Morton, John B., Family Grocer
Mowat & Miller, Timber Merchants
Moyes, John Y., Brush, Basket, and Perfumery Warehouse
Muir, A. B., Baker and Confectioner
Muir, James, & Son, Upholsterers and Cabinet Makers
Muir, Peter, Bird and Animal Stuffer
Muir, Robert, Warehouseman
Muir, Robert, & Co., Copper Works
Muir, Toward & Co., Manufacturers
Muirhead, James, & Sons, Goldsmiths and Jewellers
Muirhead, Robert, House Furnishing and General Ironmonger
Munro & Co., Manufacturers
Murdoch, James, Pastry Cook and Confectioner
Murdoch & Ramsay, Manufacturers
Murdoch & Ross, Heating Engineers, Smiths, &c.
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co., Manufacturing Stationers
Murray, Alex., Fire Clay Manufacturer
Murray & Co., Shipping and Carting Agents
Murray, Robert, Dyer and Cleaner
Mutter, W. & J., Distillers

Naismith, Thomas & Co., Wholesale China Merchants
Napier & Craig, Fishing-rod Manufacturers
Napier, Robert & Sons, Engineers and Shipbuilders
Neill, J. & R., Ship Store Merchants and Wholesale Grocers
Neil, James, Tradeston Free Stores
Neilson & Co., Asphalte and Cement Workers
Neilson & Co., Locomotive Works
Neilson, Shaw, & Macgregor, Silk Mercers and Linen Drapers
Neilson’s Temperance Hotel
Nelson, Andrew S. & Co., Engineers and Contractors
Nelson, Wm., Coachbuilder
Neish & Stevenson, Clothiers
New York Life Insurance Co. (The)
Nish, Robert, Bread and Biscuit Baker
Norval & Sons, Billiard Table Makers

Ogden, C. H. Jun., Brush Manufacturer
Ogilvie, Alex. & Co., Saddlers and Harness Makers
Ogilvie, Geo., Family Grocer
Ogston, J. & T., Family and Shipping Butchers
Oldfield, J. & Sons, Leather Belting Manufacturers
Osborne, James & Co., Produce Brokers
Osborne, James & Sons, Contractors

Panorama of Battle of Bannockburn
Paterson, A. L. & Co., Grocers
Paterson, B., Wholesale Cabinet-making and Upholstering
Paterson, C. & W. & Co., Calico Printers
Paterson, Geo. & Co., Ship Chandlers
Paterson, John & Co., Plumbers
Paterson, R. & Sons, Manufacturers of Wool and Silk Goods
Paterson, Sons & Co., Music Warehouse
Paterson, Wm. & Son, Smiths, Bell-hangers, &c.
Paton, Alex., Waterloo Forge and Bellows Works
Paton, Brown, & Co., Manufacturers of Shirtings, &c.
Paton, John & Sons, Skinners
Paton, R. & S., Potato Merchants
Paton, W. & A., Hosiers, Glovers, &c.
Patrick, Geo., Yarn Merchant
Paul James & Sons, House and Ship Painters
Paul, Robert, Glass Bottle Works
Paul, Robert B., Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer
Paxton’s Restaurant and Luncheon Bar
Peacock, J. C. & Co., Ship Brokers
Peacock, John & Son, Family Bakers, &c.
Peacock, R. A. & Son, Bakers, &c.
Pearl Life Assurance Co., Limited
Peden, A. W., Wholesale and Export Shirt and Clothing Manufacturer
Percy Brothers, Boot Manufacturers
Porteous & Crawford, Anderston Galvanizing Works
Porter, Nisbet & Co., Dress Warehousemen
Pritchard, J. & R. & Co., Handkerchief Manufacturers
Prosser, Richard, Queen’s Restaurant
Provan, Alex., Shirtmaker, Hosier, & Glover
Provan & Smellie, Shirt Makers
Purdie, P. & G., Boot and Shoe Makers
Purnell, H. A., Engineer
Pyle, James & Co., Coppersmiths

Queen’s Restaurant, Prosser, Richard

Rait & McNicol, Pharmaceutical Chemists
Ralston & Sons, Photographers
Ramsey, Robert & Co., Auction Brokers (Hides, &c.)
Ramsay, Wm., Junr., & Co., Ironmongers
Rankin, J. & J., Glass Merchants
Rankin, Wm., Printer
Rankin, Wm. & Sons, Cork Growers and Manufacturers
Rattray, J., Wholesale and Retail China Merchant
Rattray, John & Son., Plumbers and Gasfitters
Reid, Peter, French Burr Millstone Manufacturer
Reid, Robert A., Hosier and Glover
Reid, Wm., Plain and Fancy Muslin Manufacturer
Religious Institution Rooms (The)
Renfrew, John, Furrier and Rug Manufacturer
Rennie, John & Co., Fruit Salesmen
Richmond, David, Agent
Richmond, John, Dairyman, Grocer, and Provision Merchant
Richmond, John, Metal Merchant
Richmond, John & Co., Grain, Flour, and Oatmeal Merchants
Riddel, John H., Machinery Merchant
Riddell, Wm. & Co., Paper Machine Wire Makers
Rigg, Isaac, & Son, Glass and China warehouse
Riley, Alex., Merchant Tailor
Robb & Smart, Wholesale and Retail Warehousemen
Robertson, D. & T. (Limited), Furnishing Ironmongers
Robertson, Geo. C., Wright, Trunk and Box Maker
Robertson, John, Coachbuilder
Robertson, K. W. & Co., Avon Steel Works
Robertson & McGill, Iron Merchants
Robertson, W. D., Tailor, Clothier, and Outfitter
Robertson, Wm., Steamship Owner
Robertson, Wm., Commercial Travellers’ Stock Showrooms
Robin & Houston, Candle Makers
Robinson & Campbell, Manure Manufacturers
Roche & Johnstone, Milliners
Rogers, T., Draper
Rose, Geo., Sailmaker
Rosenberg, Adolf, Merchant
Ross, D. & Co., Plain and Ornamental Box Manufacturers
Ross, Thomas & Co., Manufacturers of Canvas Hose
Ross & Wallace, Straw Hat and Bonnet Manufacturers
Rowan & Co., Merchant Tailors
Roxburgh, R., Confectioner
Royal Polytechnic Warehouse (The), Mr. J. Anderson, Proprietor
Russell, Wm., Watch Factor and Wholesale Jeweller
Rutherfurd Brothers, Manufacturers
Rutherfurd & Fleming, Linen Manufacturers
Ryder, John, Wholesale and Retail Poulterer and Game Dealer

Sachs, C. F., Brassfounder
Sandeman, David & Co., Yarn Manufacturers
Sandeman, David & Son, Wine Merchants
Savings Bank of Glasgow (The)
Sawers, J. & T., Fish Merchants, &c.
Schmidt, Otto & Co., Commission Merchants
Sclanders & Paton, Trunk and Packing Case Makers
Scott, A. & J., Painters
Scott, A. & R. (Limited), Oat Flour Biscuits, and Oat Cakes
Scott, Alex. & Co., Upholsterers and Cabinet Makers
Scott, Dawson & Stewart, Exporters of Drapery Goods
Scott, James Porteous, Iron Merchant
Scott, John, Finnieston Saw Mills
Scott, John, Yarn Twister, Warper, Winder, &c.
Scott, Robert, Optician
Scott, Robert, Tea and Provision Dealer
Scott, Roderick, Meat Auctioneer
Scott, Wm. Y., Leather Merchant
Scottish Asbestos Company (Limited)
Scottish Asphalte Company
Scottish Boiler Insurance and Engine Inspection Company
Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society (Limited) (The)
Scouler, John, Watch Manufacturer and Wholesale Jeweller
Seaton, John & Co., Wholesale Stationers, Lithographers, &c.
Semple, Geo., Commission Agent
Shanks, John, Family Grocer, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Merchant
Shanks, Wm. & Co., Manufacturers
Shaw & Mclnnes, Ironfounders
Shaw, Wm. & Son, Wrights and Contractors
Shearer, D. L. & Co., Japanners and Clock Dial Manufacturers
Shearer, John, & Son, Iron and Wood Ship Repairers
Shearer, Wm., Tailor
Shuttleworth, W.S. & Co., Tea Importers
Sime, W.S., Bookseller
Simpson, J., Funeral Undertaker, &c.
Simpson, R. & Sons, General Warehousemen
Sinclair & Gardner, Colour Manufacturers
Sinclair, Robert & Co., Manufacturers of Shirts and Collars
Slessor, A. L. & Co., American Produce Merchants
Smart, Thomas & Co., Meal and Grain Merchants
Smillie. Samuel, Coppersmith and Brassfounder
Smith, Charles, Tailor and Clothier
Smith, Edward, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, &c.
Smith, F. & J., Tobacco Manufacturers
Smith, Findlay & Co., Shawl Manufacturers
Smith, Francis & James, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers
Smith, James & John, Manufacturing Stationers and Horticultural Printers
Smith, J. S. & S., Manufacturers
Smith, John, Tinsmith, &c.
Smith, John & Son, Booksellers, Stationers, and Map Agents
Smith, John & Sons, Family Grocers
Smith & McKay, Grain and Flour Merchants
Smith, Neil, Calenderer, Packer, and Silk Finisher
Smith, Robert & Son, Plumbers
Smith, Sons, & Laughland, Silk Mercers and General Drapers
Smith, Thomas & Son, Manufacturing Silversmiths, Electro-platers, &c.
Smith & Wellstood, Limited, American Stove Manufacturers
Smith, Wm., Restaurateur
Sommerville, Thomas, Packing-box, Tin and Zinc Case Maker
Sorley, Robert & Wm., Watchmakers, jewellers, and Silversmiths
Sorley & Smith, Coachbuilders
Spears, Thomas, & Co., Tea and Coffee Merchants
Spence, David, Grocers' Spirit Merchants’ Shop-fitter
Spite, Francis & Co. Limited, Wholesale Grocers, &c.
Spittal, R. D., Contractor
St. Enoch Station Hotel (Mr. E.W. Thiem, Manager)
Stark, Andrew, Restaurateur
Stark & Gow, Clothiers
State Steam Ship Company, Limited
Steel, James, Glass Stainer, Embosser, Gilder, &c.
Steel’s Hotel (W. Anderson, proprietor)
Steven, R. M. & Son, Lithographers and Colour Printers
Steven & Struthers, Anderston Brass Foundry
Steven T.W., Photographer
Stevenson, J. & B., Bakers
Stevenson & Pae, Produce and Com Merchants
Stevenson, Robert, Family Grocer and Provision Merchant
Stevenson, Wm., Decorator
Stevenson Wm. & Co., Lead Manufacturers and Metal Merchants
Stewart, A. McP., India-rubber, Leather, and Asbestos Merchant
Stewart, Andrew & James, Limited, Ironfounders
Stewart & Co., Hosiers, Glovers and Ladies’ Outfitters
Stewart, Duncan & Co., Engineers, Mill-wrights, &c.
Stewart, John, Engraver
Stewart, R., Silversmith, Goldsmith & Jeweller
Stewart & McDonald, Wholesale Warehousemen
Stewart & Sons, Paper Manufacturers
Stirling, Robert M., Dealer in Fine Furniture, &c.
Stirrat, David & Son (B. Browne), Coach and Spring Van Builders
Stirrat, R. & Co., Spring Van and Lorry Builders
Stuart, Thomas, Manufacturing Silversmith
Stuart & Brown, Wholesale Stationers and Artists’ Colourmen
Sutherland, Daniel, Fish, Poultry and Game Dealer
Sutherland, Geo., Grocer, &c.
Sutherland & Co., Manufacturers of Patent Metallic Casks, Kegs, &c.
Swan, James G. & Co., Chemical Manufacturers
Swan, Wm. E., Upholsterer and Carpet Planner

Taylor, Andrew Paint, Oil and Metal Merchant
Taylor, Thomas, Ivory Turner and Billiard Ball Maker
Taylor, Wm. Nisbet & Co., Export Merchants
Telfer & Huey, Wholesale Provision Merchants
Tennant, Charles & Co., Limited, Chemical Manufacturers
Tharsis Sulphur and Copper Company, Limited
Thom & Cameron, Rectifiers, Export Wine and Spirit Merchants
Thompson, F., Homoeopathic Chemist
Thomson, Alex. & Sons, Fleshers
Thomson, Charles, Manufacturer
Thomson, David, Tea and Coffee Merchant
Thomson, Gavin, Auctioneer
Thomson, Geo. M., & Co., Grain and Flour Merchants
Thomson, James & George, Engineers and Shipbuilders
Thomson, James & Son, Clothiers
Thomson, Thomas, Greenhead Weaving Factory
Thomson & Williamson, Wholesale Fancy Goods Importers
Thyne, J. & R., Seedsmen, Florists, &c.
Todd & Smith, Rubber Stamp Manufacturers, &c.
Torrance & Co., Handkerchief Hemmers and Curtain Binders
Tudhope Brothers, Engineers’ Ironmongers
Tulloch, John, Sausage Maker
Tunnel Portland Cement Company, Limited
Turnbull & Co., Camlachie Chemical Works
Turnbull, James, Wholesale Family Grocer, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Merchant
Turnbull & Sons, Artistic Photographers
Twaddle Hugh & Son, Plumbers and Gasfitters
Twaddle, John, Plumber, &c.

Union Hotel (John Agg, Proprietor)
Ure, John, Draper and Clothier
Ure, John & Son, Flour Mills

Vannan, A. & R., Wine and Spirit Shippers
Victoria Hotel (Angus Mackay)
Virtue, Son & Co., Manufacturers

Waddell, Douglas & Co., Manufacturing Ironmongers
Waddell, J.M. & Co., Produce Brokers
Waddell, R. D., Sausage Works
Walker, G. & Son, Drysalters
Walker, G. L. & Co., Manufacturers
Walker, John & Co., Family Grocers
Walker, T. W. & J. Hardware Manufacturers
Walker, Wm., Manufacturer and Yarn Merchant
Walker, William & Sons, Leather Merchants
Walker & Son, Confectioners and Tea Merchants
Wallace, H. & Co., Lancefield Boiler Works
Wallace, John, Junr., Tea Merchant
Wallace, R. C. & Co., Engineers, Shipsmiths, &c.
Wallace, Wm., Family Chemist
Wallace, Wilkie, & Co., West India Merchants
Wassell, Christopher, & Co., Engineers
Waterston, David D., Paper Stock Merchant
Watson, Archibald & Co., Plumbers, &c.
Watson & Co., Bakers’ Utensil Manufacturers
Watson, Edward, Shipping Butcher and Provision Merchant
Watson, J.B. & Co., Hosiers, Glovers, &c.
Watson, James, & Co., Iron Merchants
Watson, John, Coalmaster
Watson, John, & Co., Stationers
Watson, Thomas, Paper Stock Merchant
Watson, Walter, Family Grocer
Watson, Wm., Wine and Spirit Broker
Watson & Middleton, Wine, Spirit, and Tea Merchants
Watson & Symington, Importers of Ostrich and Fancy Feathers
Watt, James, Lorry, Cart and Van Builder
Watt, John, Manufacturing Jeweller
Weir, G. & J., Engineers
Wellington Pottery (The)
Wharrie Brothers, Muslin and Lace Manufacturers
Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. (The), Sewing Machines
White, David, & Co., Boat-builders
Whitelaw, Andrew, Family Grocer and Provision Merchant
Whitelaw, Charles S., Cooper, Vat and Tun Builder
Whitelaw, James, Dispensing Chemist
Whitelaw, Wm., Biscuit and Pastry Baker
Whiteley’s Business Training College
Whyte, Wm., Woollen and Trimming Warehousemen
Whytlaw, R. A., Son & Co., Manufacturers
Williamson, John, Grocer and Wine Merchant
Williamson, John, Tea Merchant
Williamson, Matthew, Family Butcher
Willies, Edward, Marble Paper-hanging Manufacturer
Wilson Brothers, Starch Manufacturers
Wilson & Co., Flint Glass Manufacturers
Wilson, Guthrie & Co., Wholesale Stationers
Wilson, J. Muir, Billiard Table Maker
Wilson, J. S., School Bookseller and Stationer
Wilson, James, Accountant
Wilson, James, Cab and Carriage Hirer
Wilson, John, Cork Life Buoy and Belt Manufacturer
Wilson & McLellan, Brassfounders and Gasfitters, &c.
Wilson, Walter & Co., The Colosseum
Wilson, Wm., Painter and Decorator, &c.
Wilson, Wm. & Co., Lilybank Boiler Works
Windsor Hotel (A. M. Theim, Proprietor)
Wood, Wm., C. & Sons, Fireclay Manufacturers
Woolfield, S. & Co., Jewellers, Dressing-Case Makers, &c.
Wright, Dick & Co., Importers of Coffee, Fruit, Spices, &c.
Wright, Donald, Cash Provision Merchant
Wright & Greig, Wholesale Wine and Whisky Merchants
Wright, James, City Calendering and Finishing Works
Wright, John, Lithographer and Printer
Wright, T. D. & Co., Funeral Undertaker
Wylie, Hugh & Co., Asbestos Manufacturer
Wylie & Lochhead (Limited), Cabinet Makers and Paper-hanging Manufacturers

Young, Alex., Family Grocer
Young, Falconer & Co., Yam Agents and Commission Merchants
Young. James, Hard and Soft Soap Manufacturer
Young, J. & W., Ship Plumbers and Brassfounders
Young, Wm. & Sons, Wholesale Ironmongers
Young & Morrison, Manufacturers of Glass Paper and Emery Cloth
Younger, Wm. & Co. (Limited), Brewers
Yuill, John & Co., Bleachers and Finishers