James Henderson

James Henderson, Carriage Hirer, 6, Govan Road.—

    In all large cities or towns, and particularly in those where there is any shipping trade, carriage hire is a subject of great importance. In Glasgow there is always a considerable demand for cabs, carriages, &c., and thus a large and important business is done by many firms who devote their attention solely to this trade. Among these special mention must be made of the extensive business carried on by Mr. James Henderson, who is widely known throughout the Glasgow district. The firm under notice study the comfort and convenience of the general public, and do everything to provide conveyances that are both reliable and comfortable, and horses thoroughly able to perform the necessary work. Mr. Henderson’s premises are clearly indicative of his system of business, and it would be absolutely impossible to find any similar establishment that is kept in better order, more commodiously arranged, or more conveniently fitted. The business, which was originally established in 1869, in Crookston Street, was removed to the present address in 1874. In 1877 a branch was opened in Pollokshields, where a large trade is being done.

    About four years ago the proprietor rebuilt the whole of these premises and therefore adapted them specially to the class of business in which he is so extensively engaged. The building consists of two spacious flats, of which the ground floor consists mostly of large yard, coach-houses, apartments for keeping harness, and all necessary plant of that description. The upper floor is used exclusively for stabling and will accommodate about thirty-five to forty horses. These stables are reached by means of a broad slope or stairway, which is so constructed that the horses are enabled to easily reach the top. In every detail the premises are thoroughly complete, are heavily stocked with a large assortment of elegant close and open carriages, cabs, &c., and are undoubtedly among the most superior and attractive looking establishments of this kind in the kingdom.

    Mr. Henderson has also a branch at Smith Street, Hillhead, where he stables eighty horses ; likewise an office at the Queen Street Station. In ordering, to facilitate the prompt execution of orders, these establishments are in direct communication by means of the telephone ; also from the head office to the Exchange, and thus to all parts of the city. Nothing, in fact, has been omitted that can tend to enhance the reputation of the firm, expedite the carrying out of orders, and afford satisfaction to the numerous patrons. That the firm has gained such great success may be justly ascribed to the able and energetic management of the popular proprietor, whose geniality, combined with sound business ability, has secured for him the approbation of everyone to whom he is known.

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