John Smith & Son

Messrs, John Smith & Son, Booksellers, Stationers, and Map Agents, 129, West George Street.

    An establishment of considerable distinction in the bookselling trade in Glasgow, is that of Messrs. John Smith & Son, which was founded in the Trongate in 1742. The rapid development of the business in subsequent years necessitated a removal to more extensive premises in Saint Vincent Street, and latterly, in 1875, the present premises were occupied.

    The stock held is of a large and comprehensive nature, law publications, Acts of Parliament, and scientific books being the leading specialities.  General literature is also well represented, and a large, variety of Ordnance Survey, geological, and travelling maps, office and school wall maps, charts, and atlases, always kept in stock, also foreign and English guidebooks in great variety.

    In the executive department of the business, lithography, engraving, letterpress printing, book-binding and commercial stationery are undertaken on an extensive scale. In connection with the business, the firm founded a reading club in 1835. The house has a very widespread reputation for the superior finish and careful workmanship characteristic of all its productions. The trade is of a local nature and well established among the principal residents and public bodies of the immediate vicinity. Messrs. Smith & Son, besides being agents for the Ordnance Survey Maps issued by Government, also supply all Blue Books and parliamentary returns. A large stock of standard works in elegant bindings is kept in stock ; also histories of Glasgow, and works relating to the various Scottish counties.

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