Smith, Sons & Laughland

Smith, Sons & Laughland, Silk Mercers, Family Drapers, Clothiers, Hosiers, Glovers, Furriers, Shirtmakers, and Complete Outfitters, Carpet Factors, Household Furnishers, and General Warehousemen, 67, 69, 71, 75, 77, 79, 81, 83, 85, and 87, Mitchell Street, and 78 to 82, Union Street.

    Silk mercers, family drapers, clothiers, hosiers, glovers, furriers, shirtmakers, carpet factors these titles signify separate industries, each of which is an important factor in connection with the commercial financial interests of the country. And to meet each and all of them together, managed successfully by an individual firm, illustrates in a very striking manner what enterprise, with prudence, can attain. In Glasgow we have a most complete example of such a business in the firm of Messrs. Smith, Sons & Laughland.

    This business was established in 1800 under the title of George Smith & Sons. In 1866, the name which the firm now bears was adopted, the partners then being Mr. A. Laughland and Mr. George Smith, junr. In 1869 Mr. J. Service joined the firm, and at present the co-partners are Messrs. A. Laughland, J. Service, and James Laughland.

    Their well known warehouses are necessarily very extensive. The frontage in Union Street is 50 feet in extent, and that of their wholesale warehouses in Mitchell Street 120 feet, the distance from front to back being 200 feet. The buildings extend from one street to the other, and are prominent features in each. The sunk flat is suitably arranged for storing the goods for the various departments and as packing-rooms. The five floors above this are divided into departments in connection with the trades mentioned, the whole forming an establishment of complete warehousemen, outfitters, and household furnishers of the first class. The number of employees is over three hundred, including fifteen travellers.

    Under the energetic personal management of the proprietors the business has reached its present high development, and extends its influence all over Great Britain and the colonies. It would be difficult to account for the almost unparalleled success which is attending the efforts of Messrs. Smith, Sons & Laughland were it not known that the principle acted upon by the firm all along, viz. that of scrupulously attending to the interests of their customers in price, quality, and variety of goods, is being vigorously maintained by Messrs. Laughland and Mr. Service, they having realised the importance of making every other duty subordinate to this one.

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