Agar, Cross & Co.

Agar, Cross & Co., Foreign Merchants, 31, St. Vincent Place

        Many very important firms have devoted their attention to the trade with North and South America, and among these one of the most important and successful is the well-known house of Messrs. Agar, Cross & Co., of 31, St. Vincent Place here, and at Buenos Ayres. Mr. Thomas F. Agar is the Consul-General for Scotland of the Argentine Republic, and is well-known in South America.

           The firm occupy a spacious office commodiously arranged in every detail. A large and efficient staff is engaged in the various departments incidental to the business both here and in their house in Buenos Ayres. The firm deal in all descriptions of goods for which there may be a demand in their markets. They command a very extensive business and have acquired an excellent reputation for the manner in which they have conducted their business, which has taken a pre-eminent position among the principal houses engaged in a similar direction.

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