A. & R. Vannan

A. & R. Vannan, Shippers of Foreign Wines and Spirits, and Wholesale Whisky Merchants, 75, Argyle Street.—

    There is always a special interest attaching to old institutions, whether they be of a national, municipal, or mercantile character, and prominent amongst the latter class in Glasgow is the well-known firm of Messrs. A. & R. Vannan, shippers of foreign wines and spirits, and wholesale whisky merchants, of 75, Argyle Street. This fine old business dates back in its foundation to the year 1799, when it was established by Messrs. J. & J. Stewart, on the premises now occupied by the present firm, Messrs. A. & R. Vannan, who succeeded to the business in 1849, and in whose hands the connections have greatly increased, the firm having added an agency in Dundee, London, and Liverpool.

    Messrs. A. & R. Vannan have perhaps one of the largest, and certainly one of the best selected, stocks of wines and spirits in this city. The foreign wines and spirits include some rare and choice vintages of port, sherry, champagne,, claret, and extra old Cognac, and Jamaica rum, which it is difficult to meet with in any other establishment, and are also the proprietors of several well known brands of whisky, as the popular and favourite “Brig o’ Turk” old highland whisky, and the A.R.V. Special Old Highland Whisky ; also Vannan’s old Irish whisky, “Old Ireland’s Glory” — the trade-mark of which is an Irish harp surrounded by a wreath of shamrock.

    The firm’s warehouse and offices are situated in a very ancient building in one of those quaint old courts leading off Argyle Street which are the delight of antiquarians. The offices are spacious and well appointed, and the cellars are, without a doubt, the finest in Scotland ; and in addition to an efficient staff of clerks, the firm send out two energetic travellers in England, one in the north, and three in Glasgow and the district. Messrs. Vannan have a splendid business connection, which is-well founded upon the eminent reputation the house has so long enjoyed, and the thorough confidence established by the superior character and uniformly high quality of all their wines and spirits.

    The partnership consists of Mr. Robert Vannan, Mr. Andrew, his son, and Mr. Robert Macrobie, and all these gentlemen take an active part in the business. Mr. A. Vannan, senior, was for many years previous to his decease the treasurer and director of the Benevolent Fund of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, and occupied a most influential position in social and mercantile circles. Mr. Robert Vannan is senior partner, Mr. Robert Macrobie, next and is buyer and manager of cellars and outside work, while Mr. Andrew Vannan is junior partner and takes charge of the office work.

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