William Danks

William Danks, Family Butcher, 3, Rokeby Terrace, Hillhead.ó

    This fine family business was established in the neighbourhood in the year 1857, and was transferred to the present and much more commodious premises in 1873, the whole block of buildings being Mr. Danksís own property.

    The establishment consists of an extra handsome double shop with very large windows and complete fittings and equipment. Mr. Danks, who was much respected by all with whom he came in contact, and had thus secured a large circle of friends, died in 1884, and the business has since been carried on by his sister and his nephew, Mr. Alexander Hutton, the co-partnery still trading under the old designation.

    The trade has always been of a first-class order, the connection being with the best families in the locality and surrounding districts. The quality of commodities supplied is carefully attended to, being all home fed, the greater part being the firmís own feeding ; in fact, there is no house in the trade can do more to retain the confidence of their customers than this leading and honourable firm.

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