Adam & Wright

Adam & Wright, General Warehousemen, 101, Glassford Street.ó

    There are probably few firms in Glasgow whose business takes such a very comprehensive form as that of Messrs. Adam & Wright. Not only this, but it was established so long ago that the firm can fairly lay claim to being one of the oldest in the neighbourhood, or even in the whole of Scotland. The date of the firmís origin is about 1798, when the business was originally founded by Messrs. Ker & Adam, in Hutchison Street. Subsequently it was removed to Trongate, and is now known under the title of Messrs. Adam & Wright.

    The premises now occupied comprise very spacious warehouses, the whole of which constitute a large building of four flats. The different flats of this establishment are devoted to the various departments incidental to the firmís trade, and it can hardly be said that these are at all limited in their scope. Mention of the different branches of the firm's trade will give a very fair idea of the kind of business in which the firm are engaged, and every one must be at once surprised to notice the many different articles in which they deal.

    The first important feature that may be noticed is the trade in such small goods as buttons, studs, solitaires, links, &c., in which the firm deal very largely ; and closely related to this branch of the business may be mentioned needles, pins, thimbles, and other similar small wares. Fringes, tapes, elastics, cottons, twists, &c., form also a very important feature, and these are supplemented by such as aprons, ribbons, and goods of a similar description.

    One of the most important departments is that of hosiery, comprising all such goods as merino and cotton hosiery ; likewise shirts, collars, cuffs, scarfs, belts, &c. Another important feature of the trade consists of boots and shoes ; and these comprise all classes, from menís heavy water-tight boots to ladiesí best class goods. Various descriptions of trimmings, yams, &c., are also dealt in, and a special feature is made of pins and hair-pins.

    In every department the firm keep a very large stock that is noticeable for the exceptionally superior quality of the goods therein comprised. A very large trade is done, and the firm employ as many as forty hands in the different departments. The connection extends not only to the United Kingdom, but they ship largely abroad, and is chiefly among the leading houses in the trade. Few firms have gained such a widespread reputation in this branch of commerce, and the success that has been achieved is in every respect well deserved.

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