Wm. Shanks & Co.

Wm. Shanks & Co., Manufacturers, 258, Argyle Street.ó

    There are many interesting points in connection with this firmís foundation. Although known as Messrs. Shanks & Co., the sole proprietor is Mr. William Shanks, who first established the business in 1867. At that time the proprietor was only twenty years of age, and the progress of this business has resulted chiefly from the exercise of persevering energy and sound management on his part. The premises now occupied are those in which the business was established, and comprise spacious warehouses and workrooms. A numerous staff of hands is engaged under the direction of two highly-experienced forewomen.

    The firm manufacture all descriptions of mob-caps, of which they are the only makers in Scotland. The manufacture of frillings, pinafores, &c., is also carried on, and in all of these branches the firm is largely engaged. A great reputation has been acquired for the admirable taste and artistic ability shown in the various new designs. A large business is done among the wholesale and shipping houses of all the large towns of England, Scotland, and Wales.

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