R. Stirrat & Co.

R. Stirrat & Co., Spring Van and Lorry Builders, 48 and 50 Bishop's Street, adjoining Buchanan Street Station, Port Dundas.—

     This name is one of the oldest in Glasgow. The firm was established in Renfield Street by Mr. Robert Stirrat’s grandfather in 1783, and carried on as a coachbuilder's  business by Mr. Robert Stirrat until 1840. With the advent of Mr. David Stirrat, father of the present R. Stirrat, van and lorry was added to the trade, and so carried on by him until 1885, when the style of the firm was changed to Robert Stirrat & Co., so that this firm has no connection with any firm in a similar trade. They then entered into possession of the very extensive and complete premises in winch their work is still carried on.

    The premises occupy about one thousand seven hundred square yards of ground covered with buildings of two stories in height, and fitted with all the requisite appliances for carrying on their manufactures economically and well. A large number of hands have constant employment in the works and stores connected therewith, preparing, fitting, and all else being performed upon the premises. A very representative staff of the best workmen in their respective trades, smiths, coachbuilders, wheelwrights, &c., has been gathered together. The work produced is mostly of a commercial class, and intended mainly for heavy purposes, such as lorries, and immense furniture vans, which are now used for the removal of household effects. Ordinary spring vans are turned out in great numbers. Among the lighter description of goods may be mentioned the well-known “Whitechapel” and “Russell” carts and  warehouse vans, &c.

    The firm have supplied their goods throughout the  United Kingdom, and they do a large colonial and export trade. Messrs. R. Stirrat and William Welsh are the present partners of the firm.

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