“Acme” Patent Gas Engine
Adams, Stephen and Co., Glass Stainers and Decorators
Albany Academy
Albion Albumenizing Co.
Albion Crescent School
Alexander, Burt & Co., Engineers, Iron and Brass Founders
Algie, Matthew and Co., Wholesale Tea Merchants, Importers, and Shippers
Allison, John, Draper and Clothier, Ardrossan
Anderson, Robert, Letterpress Printer

Ballantine, Geo. and Son, Wine Merchants
Ballantyne and Drummond, Merchant Tailors
Barbour, David and Co., Chenille and Tapestry Manufacturers
Barnet and Co., Upholsterers, Trimming Manufacturers and Warehousemen
Barr, R. F., Aerated Water Manufacturer
Barr, William, Bathwell Tannery, Beith, Ayrshire
Belgravia College
Blacklock and MacArthur, Manufacturers of White Lead, White Zinc, Paints, Colours & Varnishes ; Oil Merchants & Refiners
Blackwood, James and Son, Merchant Tailors
Blackwood, John and Son, Bleach Works
Blair, Campbell and McLean, Scotland Street Copper Works
Blair, Thomas, Cab and Carriage Hirer, Omnibus Proprietor, Job and Post Master, and Funeral Undertaker
Bow’s Emporium, Warehousemen
Braby, Frederick and Co. Ltd., Eclipse Iron Works
Bratby and Hinchcliffe Ltd., Aerated Water Engineers
Brisbane Arms Hotel, Largs
Briton, A., Boot Maker
Brown, Andrew, Rope and Twine Manufacturer
Bryce, A. S., Oil Merchant and Drysalter
Buchan and Petrie, Fairfield Drapery Mansion House
Buchanan, J. and Co., Coachbuilders
Buchanan, John and Brothers, Makers of Confections, Preserves, and Peels (Wholesale and Export)

Caledonia Cabinet & Chair Works, Beith
Cameron, Charles, Registered Plumber and Gasfitter
Cameron, Thomas, Boot Upper Manufacturer
Campbell, Achnach, and Co., Waterproof and India-rubber Manufacturers
Campbell-Blair Mr., Tea and Wine Merchant and Family Grocer
Campbell and Breckenridge, Painters and Decorators
Campbell, J. and W., Turkey-Red Dyers
Campbell, J. and W. and Co., Warehousemen
Campbell, John and Son, Glass Bottle Manufacturers
Campbell, R. and Co., Brass Founders
Chalmers, Hugh, Fancy Paper and Drapers’ Box Manufacturer
Christie, William, Tobacco-pipe Manufacturer
City of Glasgow Leather Belting Manufactory, Belting & Cleaning Waste Manufactory
Clark and Co., Drapers, Largs
Clark, W. and Son Tin and Coppersmiths
Cockburn, Brothers, St. James’ Iron Works
Cochran, A. and R., St. Rollox Flint Glass Works
Cochran, James and Son, Grain, Hay, and Straw Merchants
Coltness Iron Co. Ltd.
Copland and Lye, Warehousemen
Couper, James and Sons, Manufacturers of Globes and Shades for Gas, Oil, and Electric Lighting
Crawford Brothers, Flax Spinners, Patent Linen Thread and Shoe Thread Manufacturers, Beith
Crawford, John, Produce Importer and Commission Merchant
Cron, Brothers, and Co., Wholesale Tea Merchants
Cruickshank, J. and E., Wholesale Stationers

Dalrymple, George and Co., Home Brewery
Daly, James and Co., General Drapers and Outfitters
Davidson Junior and Davidson, Wholesale Tea Dealers
Davis, Ovinius, Photographic Artist
Dawson and McNicoll, Merchant Tailors & Outfitters
Dawson, Peter, Distiller and Whisky Merchant
Devon Bank School for the Education of Young Ladies
Dixon, William Ltd., Coal and Iron Master
Dobbie, C. L. and Son, Ship, Ornamental, and Architectural Carvers and Gilders
Donaldson Brothers, Shipowners
Donaldson, R. and Son, Pianoforte and Music Sellers
Dove, John, Basket, Perambulator and Invalids’ Carriage Manufacturer
Dove, John and Sons, Wholesale and Export Bottlers, Aerated Water Manufacturers

Eastwood Beetling Co., Bleachers, Dyers, and Finishers
Edward, Davison and Co., Gentlemen’s Outfitters
Edwards, J. and Co., The Western Cycle Works
Edwards, Matthew, Optician and Mathematical Instrument Maker
Eglinton Hotel, Ardrossan
Elder, James, Wholesale Warehouseman

Ferguson, J. and A., Wholesale Tea Dealers, Wine Merchants, and Grocers
Fletcher and McPhie, Glaziers, Glass Merchants, and Importers of Memorial Wreaths
Forrest and Son, Show-card and Advertising Tablet Manufacturers, General Shop Furnishers
Forrester and Forrester, Mineral Water Manufacturers and Bottlers
Forsyth, Miller, and Co., Cast-Malleable and Steel Founders
Forsyth, Peter and Son, Handsewn Bootmakers
Frazer and Green, Pharmaceutical Chemists
Frazer, Ross, and Co., Clothing Manufacturers
French, Robert, Wholesale Hardware Merchant, Importer of French and German Goods

Galbraith and Winton, General Marble Contractors
Gardiner, J. and J., Manufacturers of Dining Room, Drawing Room, and Parlour Furniture, Beith
Garnkirk Fire Clay Co.
Gateside Printing Co., Silk, Wool and Calico Printers
Gibson, Robert, Bookseller
Gibson, William and Co., Importers of Corks and Corkwood, Manufacturers of Corks and Cork Floats
Gillies, Brothers, Clock and Model Makers
Gilmore, Mrs. A. and Son, Wholesale and Retail Poulterers, Game Dealers, Fish and Ice Merchants
Gilmour, John and Co., Manufacturers of Bricks and Tiles
Glasgow Academy
Glasgow Clothing Co.
Glasgow and Inverary Steamboat Co. Ltd.
Glasgow Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.
Glen, R. and Son, Furnishing Ironmongers, Largs
Glenboig Union Fire Clay Co. Ltd.
Gourlay, Robert, Engineer, Iron Founder, and Manufacturer of Semi-Prismatic and other Lights for Pavements
Grant, Alexander and Co., Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, Bedding Manufacturers, Iron Bedstead and Carpet Factors
Grant, Somerville, and Co., Manufacturers of Shirtings, Shirts, Slops, &c.
Guthrie, Arthur, Bookseller, Stationer and Printer, Ardrossan

Hamilton, Alexander, Tea, Coffee, Fruit, and Spice Merchant
Hamilton James, Dairyman
Hanson, E. and Co., Ship Repairers
Harley and Sons, Fruiterers, Florists, and Seedsmen
Haythorn and Stuart, Engineers and Brass Founders
Henderson, James, Job Master, Cab and Carriage Hirer
Heys, Z. and Sons, Textile Producers
Hilliard, W. B. and Sons, Surgical Mechanists, Makers of Surgical Instruments
Houston, James, Furniture Warehouse
Hunter, Hamilton, and Crawford, Cabinet and Chair Works, Lochwinnoch

Irving, Brothers, Portmanteau, Trunk, and Sample-Case Manufacturers

Jamieson and Co., Oil Refiners and Oil Merchants
Jenkins, Duncan, Cab and Carriage Hirer and Carting Contractor
Johnston and Honeyman, Wholesale Tea and General Merchants

Kasaama Food Co.
Kay, Thomas and Co., Wrights, Builders, Packing-case Makers, & Manufacturing Tinsmiths
Kelvinside Ladies’ College
Kerr and Co., Caledonia Foundry
Kerr, Robert and Sons, Foundry and Engine Works, Glengarrock
Knox, W. and J., Linen Thread Works and Fishing Net Manufactory, Kilbirnie

Lachlan, James, Butcher
Laird, John and Son, Upholsterers, Cabinet Makers, Bedding Manufacturers, and Carpet Warehousemen
Langside Academy and Boarding Establishment
Lawrie, Thomas and Son, Dealers in Works of Art, Decorators, &c.
Lawson, R. and Co., The Trades’ Clothing House
Leitch, William M., Printing and Lithographic Works
Lewis, W. and R., Rope & Twine Manufacturers
Lightbody, William, Wright and Contractor, Vat and Tun Builder
Lillie and Russell, Tailors and Habit Makers
Livingston, G. B. and Co., Export Merchants and General Commission Agents
Lloyd, Workman, and Co., Plumbers, Lead Merchants, Gasfitting and Sanitary Engineers
London Boot Co., Boots made to Order, Racing and Hunting Boots
Love, J. W. and Co., Artists’ Colourmen, Drawing Material Importers, Carvers, Gilders, Picture-frame Makers, & Mounted Drawing Papers Manufacturers
Low, Archibald, The Partick Brass Foundry Co.
Lyle, James, Manufacturing and Consulting Optician

McAlister, John and Sons, Greenbank Sail Works
MacArthur and Jackson, Oil Manufacturers
MacBrayne, David, Steamship Owner
McCall, James and Son, Wholesale Wine Merchants
McCall and Stephen, Biscuit Manufacturers
McCord, Robert and Son, Masons, Builders, & Contractors
McFarlane, James, Currier and Leather Lace Manufacturer
McFarlane, Archibald and Sons, Wrights, Builders, and Packing Case Makers
MacFarlane, John and Co., Sailmakers
Macfarlane, Walter and Co., Architectural, Sanitary, and Engineering Art Founders
McGeachin, Douglas, Iron and Steel Merchant and Mill and Colliery Furnisher
McInnes and McLachlan, Gas Heating and Cooking Apparatus Manufacturers, Lamp Manufacturers, Tinsmiths and Gasfitters
Mackay, T., Junr., Baker, Confectioner and Purveyor, Largs
McKenzie, D. and J., Plasterers and Modellers
Mackie, J. Winton, Marble Cutter
Mackinlay, John N., Book, Stationery, and Bible Warehouse
McLachlan, Wm. and Co., Fish Merchants and Ice Manufacturers
McLaren, Wm. and Sons & Co., Merchants & Manufacturers
MacLellan, P. and W. Ltd., Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers
McLeod, Thomas, Shipping Druggist
MacLeod, William and Co., Metal Merchants, Contractors for Gas and Water Apparatus, Pipes, and Furnishings
McMillan, S. H. and D., Warehousemen
McNaughtan and Sinclair, Wholesale, Mercantile, and Export Stationers ; Bookbinders, Paper Rulers, Lithographers, and Printers
McPherson Brothers, Cutlers

Mabon, A. and Co., Manufacturing Opticians, Electricians, and Model Makers
Main, Thomas, Mosaic Tile Layer, &c.
Malcolm, Alex, and Co., Mercantile Stationers, Letterpress Printers & Lithographers
Mann, Byars, and Co., Merchants and Manufacturers
Manuel and Webster, Italian Warehousemen, Family Grocers, and Wine Merchants
Martin, Robert and James, Importers, Flour and Provision Merchants
Martin, W. and J., Tanners, Curriers, Leather Merchants, and Boot Top Manufacturers
Mason, George and Co., Manufacturers of Optical, Mathematical, Chemical, Philosophical, and Photographic Instruments
Meikle, William, Slater and Slate Merchant
Melville, Hugh and Co., Roebank Print Works, Beith
Melville and Ross, Tailors and Clothiers
Metallic Art Co., Die and Matrice Makers, and General Engravers
Miller, David N., Hatter, Hosier, Glover, Shirt Maker, Military and Police Glove Contractor
Miller, James and Son, Cork Manufacturers
Moncur, John, Wood-turning Works
Montgomerie, John, Family Baker and Confectioner
Moore, G. and C., Aerated Water Manufacturers and Bottlers
More, James and Co., Mathematical and Philosophical Instrument Makers, Opticians, Photographic Chemists and Dealers
Morison, Brothers, Wholesale Stationers, Drawing Material Importers, Publishers & Booksellers
Morrison, Hugh and Co., Merchant Tailors, Naval and Military Tailors, & Highland Costumiers
Muir and Houston, Marine Engineers and Boiler Makers
Muir, John and Son, Tanners, Curriers, and Fancy Leather Manufacturers, Beith
Muirhead and Grant, Fish, Poultry, and Game Dealers
Muirhead, Thomas and Co., Silk Mercers and Warehousemen
Munro, Robert and Co., India Rubber and Waterproofers
Murchie, Charles, Wine and Ship Store Merchant, Ardrossan
Murdoch, Robert, Mason and Builder
Murray, James and Co., Ship and Steam Ship Chandlers, Oil Refiners, and Engineers
Murray, John and Son, Oil Merchants and Drysalters
Murray, Thomas and Son, Publishers, Wholesale Booksellers, and Stationers

Nelmes, H. and Co., Billiard Table Makers
New York Life Insurance Co.
Nicol, Thomas, Quilt Manufacturer

O’Brien, James, Fish Salesman and Auctioneer, Wholesale Fish and Provision Merchant

Partick Brass Foundry Co.
Paterson, J. M., Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Warehouse
Paterson’s Chemical Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Paton, Brown, and Co., Manufacturers of Dress Goods, Shirtings, Skirtings, etc., Glengarnock
Pattullo Brothers, Oil Merchants and Refiners
Paul and Chapman, Oil Merchants and Colour Manufacturers
Paul, James and Sons, House and Ship Painters
Pavilion Restaurant
Peacock, R. A. and Son, Bakers, Cooks, and Confectioners, &c.
Penman, Howard, China Warehouse
Philson and Co., Photographers
Picken, John M., Refreshment Contractor
Pottage, J. C., Homoeopathic Chemist
Purden, John, Lambhill Forge

Ramsay and Ramsay, Silk Mercers
Reid and Co., Fishing Net Manufacturers, Kilbirnie
Riley, Alexander, Merchant Tailor, Hosier, Glover, Shirtmaker, Home, Colonial, and Foreign Outfitter
Ritchie, Graham, and Milne, Engineers, Side and Stern Wheel Steamers, Launch, Tug, and Barge Builders
Robb and Smart, Wholesale and Retail Warehousemen
Roberton, James, Funeral Undertaker, Cab and Carriage Hirer, Job and Post Master
Robertson, John, Coachbuilders
Robertson, M. W. and Co., Avon Steel Works
Robertson, William, Fishing Tackle Merchant and Manufacturer
Robley and Co., Ship Store Merchants and Export Grocers
Ross, H., Umbrella Manufacturer
Rowan and Co., Boys' Outfitters and Merchant Tailors
Rowat, Alexander and Co., Manufacturers of Wirework, Wire Cloths, Boiler Tube Brushes & General Wire Merchants
Royal Hotel
Russell and Fullarton, Timber Merchants and Saw Millers, Ardrossan

Sangster, John, Fringe, Tassel, and Trimming Manufacturer
Sawers, J. and T., Fishmongers, Ice Merchants, Poulterers, and Game Dealers
Scott, A. and J., Painters
Scott, Robert, Manufacturing and Wholesale Jeweller
Sharpe, Andrew, Manufacturer of Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Copying Presses, and Perambulators
Sharp and Cruickshanks, Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers
Shaw, Walker, and Co., Ironmongers
Simons, Jacobs, and Co., Fruit Importers
Simpson, J. and R., Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsagents, Largs
Singer Manufacturing Co., Sewing Machine Manufacturers
Smith, J. Newbigging and Co., Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, and Carpet Warehousemen
Smith, James and John, Manufacturing Stationers, and Horticultural Printers
Smith, Robert and Co., Globe, Stove, Grate, and Fender Manufacturers
Smith and Simons, Seed Merchants and Nurserymen
Snodgrass, J. and R., Flour Millers
Spence, David, Spirit Merchant, General and Shop Outfitter
Spite, Francis and Co. Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Grocers, Druggists, and Italian Warehousemen
Standard Clothing Co.
Steedman and McAlister, Manufacturers of Solid Cork Life Buoys, Belts, and Cork Fenders
Steel’s Hotel
Stephens, Alexander and Sons, Shipbuilders and Marine Engineers
Stevenson and Co., Photographers
Stevenson, Higgins, and Co., Cabinet and Chair Works, Beith
Stevenson, J. and B., Bakers
Stewart, A. and Co., Masons, Wrights, and Contractors
Stewart, D. and Co. Ltd., Engineers, Boiler Makers, Machine Makers
Stewart and Macdonald, Manufacturers and Wholesale Warehousemen
Stewart, Thomas, Hat and Cap Manufacturer
Stewart and Young, Manufacturing and Export Confectioners and Preserve Makers
Stirling, Robert M., Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Carpet and Bedding Warehouseman
Strattan and Mackay, Decorative Upholsterers, Cabinet and Art Furniture Makers
Swan, James G. and Co., Chemical Manufacturers

Taggart, George and Co., Wholesale Cabinet and Upholstery Works
Thompson, M. F., Homoeopathic Chemist
Thomson, Archibald and Co., Glasgow Rope Works
Thomson, James and Son, Clothiers
Thomson, William and Co., Seed, Grain, and Hay Merchants

United Creameries Ltd.
Ure, John and Sons, Flour Millers

Wallace, James, Carver and Gilder
“Warneuke”, Photographer
Watson, Peter, Wine Merchant and Italian Warehouseman, Largs
Watt, John & Co., Manufacturers of Herring, Pilchard, Mackerel, and Shad Nets and Fishing Lines, Kilbirnie
Westbourne Gardens School for the Education of Young Ladies
White, James, Manufacturer of Electrical Instruments, Marine and other Appliances
Whiteley’s Business Training College, School of Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, and Civil Service Academy
Whyte, Thomson, and Co., Nautical Instrument Makers and Compass Adjusters
Wilkie, Robert, Umbrella, Portmanteau, Bag and Trunk Manufacturer
Willis, Nelson, and Co., Straw Hat and Bonnet Manufacturers
Wilson and Galt, Cabinet and Chair Makers, Beith
Wolffe Brothers, Watch Manufacturers and Importers, Wholesale Jewellers
Wood, Hugh and Co., Coffee, Spice, and General Produce Merchants
Wylie, Matthew and Son, Rope and Twine Manufacturers, Beith

Young, J. H. and Co., Muslin Manufacturers
Young, William, Engineer, Ardrossan