A. & J. Scott

MESSRS. A. & J. SCOTT, Painters, 245, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Telephone No. 28.

    The distinguished position which the old-established firm of Messrs. A. & J. Scott have long occupied in the trade of the Western Metropolis may be attributed to the success with which they have, from time to time, endeavoured to advance all the more elevated features of decorative art and to the public appreciation which their constant and consistent adherence to this principle has deservedly elicited.

    It is now the greater part of forty years since the firm first commenced operations in Glasgow, under the title of Messrs. Scott, Mitchell, and Co. In 1858 the business was transferred from its original location at 44, John Street, opposite the New Municipal Buildings, to Sauchiehall Street, the name of the house having long before that period been changed to the present title. During their entire business career, the firm have lost no opportunity of introducing such innovations in painting work as would tend to lead public taste towards its most advanced phases, and they have thus attained recognition as pioneers of all that is genuinely artistic in modern decoration.

    Their establishment at the above address is in itself an elegant illustration of the versatile character of the firm’s work, being replete with examples of decorative art that the most uninitiated would readily admire, by reason of the harmonious adaptation of the colouring, the judicious elaboration of details, and the tasteful combination of effect produced. The office and general showroom are on the ground floor, the flat above being entirely devoted to the wall papers, of which an exceedingly large stock of all kinds (including Japanese, French, Embossed, and Foreign Tapestry, etc.) is always kept on hand, together with samples of every known kind of wall covering, each decorated in the different manner suitable to the individual material.

    It is evident, from the specimens of artistic work submitted and the sketches of work done, which invariably display a correct knowledge of chromatic harmony only acquired by long years of experience, that the firm are equally able to impart increased grace and dignity to the majestic building as sweet repose and cheerfulness to the humblest cot, making each a “thing of beauty and a joy for —” as long as paint lasts. Each completed contract tends to strengthen the reputation which the house has maintained for many years as a centre of high art-decoration, and nothing is spared towards the perfection and completeness of the art which they have so long and successfully exemplified.

    Amongst their recently-completed work we may mention Ibrox U.P. Church, Townhead Church Alloa, Kilmalcolm U.P. Church, St. Andrew’s Hall, and the head office of the Security Savings Bank in Glassford Street. On the introduction of the electric light into Gartnavel Asylum about a year ago, they had an opportunity of successfully demonstrating how the straps of wood necessary to the installation might, by the aid of a few simple additions, be made the means of enhancing the decorative effect to a very considerable extent, and that under the skilful treatment there need be no monotony in design in different apartments of the same size. The Junior Conservative Club may be cited as an example of how effectively a building may be done by inexpensive papers, all of which were selected from stock ; and while many of the princely mansions in and around Glasgow have been decorated by the firm, they ask us not to mention names of private individuals. Their stall at the Glasgow Exhibition of 1888 was very favourably noticed by the local press and by many of the English trade papers as the best of its kind they had seen anywhere.

    There are two specialities of which the firm are justly proud. One is a special process in the staining of wood, which may be worked as simple as possible, or, if required, it may be more brilliant and intricate than the finest marqueterie. The other is a mode of painting on twilled canvas, which gives all the beauty of texture and the effect of old tapestry, but is not in any way an imitation of it. This work is almost imperishable. One piece Messrs. Scott have had in the showroom for a great many years. It is not covered in any way and has just got a brush at the annual cleaning, and it is not a bit the worse for wear ; in fact it rather seems to improve.

    The house is represented by branch offices both in the East and West ends of the city, and the operations of a staff of over one hundred hands are superintended in a manner which fully sustains the routine of a large trade extending to all parts of the country.

    Last year, by the death of Mr. James Scott, a gentleman much esteemed in business and social circles, the firm lost its last original member, and the management has devolved upon his son, Mr. John Scott, who has had a thoroughly practical training, and worked for some years in London as a decorator with several of the largest firms, and was for some considerable time a student at South Kensington. Under his careful guidance the old and influential interests of the house are capably and energetically preserved, and his professional aptitude for artistic work valuably contributes to sustain as well as enhance the prestige which the meritorious operations of his respected predecessors have earned.

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