Jamieson & Co.

JAMIESON & CO., Oil Refiners and Oil Merchants, 105, Clyde Street, Anderston, Glasgow.

    Probably no branch of representative production activity in Glasgow has been brought to greater perfection, in operation and result, than that of oil refining in combination with the manufacture of oil for special purposes, a department of industry whose improved features during the past fifty years may be, in a large measure, attributed to the successful operations of the eminent undertaking controlled under the firm names of Messrs. Jamieson & Co. This important concern has been in active existence for upwards of half a century, and during that lengthy period Messrs. Jamieson have adopted every means, mechanical and otherwise, to attain the perfect output of oils suitable to a variety of uses and adaptations.

    To substantiate this, we need only enumerate the various oils for which the firm are widely known. Oil, and a class of spindle oils of light and heavy consistencies. A dark green consolidated oil has been specialised for cylinders, while the machinery and engine oils are favourable to every condition of industrial demand. Raw and boiled linseed, sperm, and castor oils are especially noteworthy, and besides gallipoli, olive oil, and general olive oil for machinery purposes, Messrs. Jamieson import a refined quality of colza oil superior to any of this class in the market. With the technical knowledge and skill derived from long acquaintance and familiarity with the finest oil substances procurable, Messrs. Jamieson have attained most notable success in the production of a refined compound machinery oil for marine engines, and the merits of this commodity have been fully attested by use in many of the principal steam vessels connected with the Clyde.

    The resources at the firm's command, and the able and practical systems under which these are made available for the purposes of the firm's industry and trade, may be estimated from the following brief description of the premises at the above address. The large and substantial block of building, having a splendid freestone frontage of 150 feet, comprises three floors, the offices and cart entrance being on the ground floor. The internal arrangements are of the most complete description, and both the public and private apartments are appointed in every degree of first-class taste. To the rear of the main building is a spacious store fitted and equipped with all the accessories of the oil refining industry, the immense tanks indicating the magnitude of the firm's output ; and the whole premises bear evidence of the thorough knowledge of detail and organisation, of public requirements, and the care and attention promptly taken to provide for them possessed by the partners and their able and efficient coadjutors in the management of the business.

    The entire interests of this old and valuable concern are preserved under the combined enterprise of Messrs. James and R.F. Alexander, the only partners of the firm, and as makers in special of all kinds of compound vegetable oils for marine engines, their productions have been advanced in public appreciation and demand. In Glasgow alone the firm command a most extensive trade, and for the excellence of their merchandise, as well as the liberal and satisfactory character of their dealings, few firms are better known among the entire shipping trade of this country than that of Messrs. Jamieson & Co. In controlling the routine of a business which is already well founded in half a century's undiminished repute and commercial importance, the above-named gentlemen have evinced active zeal and energy towards attaining perfection in the branch of manufacturing and productive activity they represent, and the advances of mechanical science at the present day, particularly in marine engineering, have brought their eminent specialities into wide and well-merited recognition.

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