Hugh Morrison & Co.

MESSRS. HUGH MORRISON & Co., Merchant Tailors, Naval and Military Tailors, & Highland Costumiers (by special appointment),
                                                        Home & Colonial Outfitters & Robe Makers (by appointment to the F. E. J. S. Institute, &c.),
                                                        51 and 53, Jamaica Street; and 1, 3, 5, and 9, Howard Street, Glasgow.

    This eminent and world-famed house of Messrs. Hugh Morrison & Co. has long maintained a position of unrivalled precedence and distinction in those branches of high-class Costume and Outfitting trade which its operations have successfully specialised. After a career of some forty-one years in the front rank of Metropolitan trade and commerce, the firm now stand alone — in respect of their transactions in Naval and Military Outfitting ; and their business, with its valuable and much accumulated interests, is unquestionably the largest concern of the kind in the United Kingdom. Messrs. Hugh Morrison & Co. are identified in every part of the universe with the production of genuine Highland costumes, the popular taste and appreciation for which their operations have done much to preserve ; and in this the special feature of their trade the firm have acquired a reputation and renown insusceptible to, and undiminished by, any of the competitive phases of modern trade.

    Not only are the firm Highland costume makers by special appointment, but they are also robe makers by appointment to the F.E.J.S. Institute and other schools and colleges; shirt makers, juvenile outfitters, and general home and colonial outfitters, in each and all of which trading capacities they command the unreserved support and patronage of an aristocratic clientele at home and abroad. As a firm who have made a lengthy and exhaustive study of every essential of the high-class costumier’s art, Messrs. Morrison capably anticipate the imitations of public taste and fashion, and the unexceptionable excellence of every class of cloths they submit tends to retain their well-merited reputation as purveyors of pure wool fabrics. The firm’s tartans are all of the most attractive nature, every one of the great Highland clans being represented with absolute fidelity in design, colour, and texture ; and Messrs. Morrison may be said to be in advance of any existing firm in perpetuating and increasing the demand for these interesting and beautiful fabrics.

    On the correctness of the various patterns they are recognised as a leading authority, the designs being not only brought out exclusively for their special trade but also reproduced in their own factory, and not attainable in any other house. The tartans and regimentals constitute most elegant costumes, and are designed, cut, and finished by a staff of artistes expressly conversant with this branch of trade. Highland costumes of every kind — including those for pipe bands and Highland societies — are forwarded to all parts of the universe, London receiving a large proportion of the firm’s trade ; and to Messrs. Hugh Morrison & Co. may be partly attributed the spirit of toleration with which Englishmen are prone to regard and adopt the Scottish national dress for travelling, and as memorials of any northern tour — reminding them of Scottish characteristics ever interesting to the visitor and tourist. Messrs. Morrison transact a large export business in the transmission of Highland costumes to the Colonies, the United States, and South Africa; and on those gala occasions when Caledonian Sports and Games are indulged in with thoroughly national zest by Scotsmen and others abroad, Messrs. Morrison’s much-prized outfits are largely worn. Customers can always depend upon the firm’s scrupulous exactitude in fit and finish ; and for men, youths, and boys alike they supply the full national garb, including diamond, hose, dirks, skein dhus, crests, brooches, buckles, claymores, and everything comprehended within the requirements of a complete Highland costume and its equipments.

The following letter is representative of many which the firm daily receive from distant connections :—

                                                                                                                                                            286, R. O. Box,
                                                                                                                                                            Port Elizabeth, South Africa,
                                                                                                                                                            January 18th, 1891.

H. Morrison, Esq.

Dear Sir,

                Being one of the recipients of the five Highland costumes sent out here by you through Messrs. Dickson & Co., I am pleased to offer you a word of congratulation, as everyone of them has turned out a complete success, and fit like a glove, and are very much admired ; and, altogether, they reflect great credit on your business establishment as a high-class house. They arrived in Port Elizabeth by the steamship “Arab” on the morning of the Games, viz., 1st January, 1891, and, fortunately, we were able to clear them in time for the sports, having previously made the arrangements with the Custom House officials. I find that I shall want a few additions such as waist and cross belts, &c., and will deem it a great favour if you will kindly send by return mail a full detailed price list.

Yours, &c.,

(Signed) A. Howarth.

    We believe we are correct in saying that Messrs. Morrison & Co. are the only firm who make everything connected with the Highland costume, and this work is partly carried out within the factory at the rear of their large establishment in Glasgow. They naturally take a great pride and pleasure in an earnest endeavour to perfect the standard of artistic elegance in this class of productions, and being actual designers and manufacturers of long experience, with every industrial and artistic facility at their command, they are in a position to pursue this course to a thoroughly satisfactory issue. From the fact that their house presents a magnificent window frontage to Jamaica Street and also to Howard Street, it may be said to form a structural ornament of this the busiest thoroughfare in the City. The entrance is a very imposing one, and the entire premises contribute to the commercial importance and dignity of the locality, while their convenience of location may be inferred from the fact that they are within a few minutes walk from all stations, and only a hundred yards from the landing stage at the Broomielaw.

    The many details involved in the routine of a large and widespread business are well and energetically controlled, under the personal supervision of the proprietor, where systems and methods are based upon practical economy as ensures that liberality and moderate dealing for which the firm are well known. The old-established features of the house are preserved in a manner favourable to the continuous enhancement of its celebrity ; and as the acknowledged centre of Highland costume trade — the one department upon which the success of the house is principally founded — it exemplifies the survival of popular interest in these forms of national dress, the production of which has gained for Messrs. Hugh Morrison & Co. the enviable imprimatur of commercial honour and affluence.

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