The Coltness Iron Co. Limited

THE COLTNESS IRON CO., Limited, Dalmellington Iron Co., Limited, 109, Hope Street, Glasgow.

    The great coal and iron industries of Scotland have gained a world-wide celebrity for the magnitude of their operations and the high quality of their productions. The above associated firms are among the most representative of the kind, and are justly celebrated, both at home and abroad, for their superior products.

    The works of the Coltness Iron Co. at Newmains, Lanarkshire, cover several acres of ground and comprise an aggregation of buildings fully equipped with the most modern plant for the production of their famous specialities. These include foundry and hematite pig iron, ingot moulds for steel works, steam and household coal, coke, nut coal for stoves, pea coal for steam raising, briquettes for domestic use, and bricks of high crushing point for engineering and building purposes. The well-known “Coltness” brand of pig iron is made from the finest “Blackband” ironstone, and is unexcelled for foundry use. It possesses great fluidity, rendering it specially suitable for fine castings for mechanical and agricultural purposes, ornamental work or any form of cast iron where strength combined with lightness is necessary. This superior pig iron absorbs more scrap than any other in the world. The rapid development of the steel trade during late years has created a great demand for ingot moulds, and in order to meet this the Coltness Co. have built a foundry alongside their blast furnaces so that the molten iron can be run direct to it without the trouble of remelting. In another foundry, too, general casting work is carried on very extensively for engineers, colliery owners, and the like.

    The Company also manufacture coke of the finest quality, for foundry purposes, containing the minimum of sulphur and ash. The coal department is carried on by the firm on a great scale, and in this section several specialities are noticeable. Nuts of all sizes, washed for domestic and manufacturing purposes, are quite a feature of the trade, and are in great demand both at home and on the Continent. This firm have the honour of being the pioneers in this large and rapidly developing trade. Their briquettes for household use are now in general demand and are amongst the finest made. The best household coal is used so that 2 1/2 per cent, of ash is left, a fact that in itself — putting their superiority out of the question — is a perfect recommendation. To these interesting developments of their enterprise they have added that of brick making, and have succeeded in producing bricks of such fine quality that their crushing point is something phenomenal. Several other products are turned out in great quantity by this enterprising Company, such as sulphate of ammonia, creosote oil, and pitch.

    The Dalmellington Company produce coal and iron only, but both of the finest quality. Altogether the business controlled is of enormous dimensions, both in the home and export departments, and is constantly developing. Their present Glasgow offices occupy a fine central location in Hope Street and comprise public and private rooms, counting house, etc., fitted up in the handsome style now usual in the case of great undertakings. The Company, however, intend removing in May to even more commodious premises at 161, West George Street. The prosperity which has followed the enterprise of these two fine concerns is itself the best testimony to the perfection of their organization on all sides and to the ability of their management. They worthily represent the two staple industries of the country and fully embody that enlightened spirit of enterprise which has been so long the mainspring of their success.

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