Albion Crescent School

ALBION CRESCENT SCHOOL, 11, Albion Crescent, Dowanhill. Mr. Frederick A. Laing, Principal.

    Glasgow as a city is highly favoured in regard to the high-class character and excellence of its educational establishments. Schools and colleges, academies and seminaries of one kind and another abound on every hand, and it would ill-become us to draw invidious distinctions between these several institutions, but there can be no doubt that Albion Crescent School, of Dowanhill, occupies a very prominent and important position amongst the educational forces of the City ; having been established now for several years, and, under the able presidency of its much esteemed principal, Mr. Frederick A. Laing, attained considerable scholastic reputation. It enjoys the patronage of some of the best families of the West-end of the City.

    The school premises are admirably adapted for educational purposes, the large tenement of comfortably arranged, well-lighted, and carefully ventilated rooms being provided with all that is necessary for the efficient working of every department. The curriculum extends over a period of ten years, and includes every branch of the most liberal education, and we have but to notice the excellent staff of teachers co-operating with Mr. Laing to know how thorough and satisfactory the instruction of each department must necessarily be.

    The success of Albion Crescent School has not, however, depended simply upon the attention given to the intellectual needs of its pupils, but also to the interest taken in the personal comfort, the moral improvement, and religious well-being of each. As stated in the school prospectus, and corroborated by the testimony of both parents and scholars :— “The energies of early childhood are conserved and utilised under the most cheerful influences, and nothing is allowed to interfere with the general happiness of the pupils”.

    Nor must we leave out of account the personal influence of the Principal, which makes itself felt in every department and adds so considerably to the interest and excellence of the tuition and the success and popularity of the school. Mr. Laing is a gentleman of large experience in scholastic matters and is the only Government certificated teacher in the West-end of Glasgow. In literary circles he is also well known as the editor of the Sabbath School Magazine and as the author of that deservedly popular and extensively read handbook — “A History of English Literature”. Mr. Laing has, in his wife, an able and efficient coadjutrix in the general superintendence of the establishment and together they do all in their power to attain to a high standard of moral and intellectual excellence at the lowest possible cost to the personal comfort and liberty of the pupil.

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