James Henderson

JAMES HENDERSON, Job Master, Cab and Carriage Hirer, 6, Govan Road, Glasgow.

    For upwards of twenty years past the important business successfully conducted by Mr. James Henderson, Job Master, Cab and Carriage Hirer, &c., 6, Govan Road, Glasgow, has held a deservedly popular position in the City fully meriting the attention of our readers.

    The business was originally established in 1869 at Crookston Street, from whence it was removed, in 1874, to the commodious site now occupied as headquarters, 6, Govan Road. The premises, which were entirely rebuilt about six years ago, are constructed on strictly modern principles, embracing all the latest improvements in this class of erections, comprising handsome building of commodious proportions, immediately facing the site of the old Toll House ; and are fully provided with every convenience for the accommodation of the extensive plant required in the business. Fronting the street is a well-appointed office, and in the rear are spacious yard, wash-houses, harness and saddle rooms, and extensive lock-up coach-houses. The stabling, which provides accommodation for forty horses, is situated on the upper flat of the building, reached by an ingeniously constructed gangway slope, giving easy access to the stables. The establishment is fully provided with every description of close and open carriages and other vehicles of elegant design and superior appointments, saddle and driving horses, cobs and ponies ; and the services of a large staff of steady and reliable drivers may always be obtained if required.

    Mr. Henderson has also extensive branch establishments at 4, Shields Road, Pollokshields ; Queen Street Station (a calling office) ; and 19, Smith Street, Hillhead, the latter premises providing stabling for eighty horses. All the branches have been placed in telephonic communication with the central office in Govan Road, and are also available to all members of the telephonic exchange, affording every facility for the promptest attention to orders from this source.

    Mr. Henderson is widely patronised by the leading resident nobility and gentry in the district, by whom he is universally esteemed for his unvarying courtesy and unremitting efforts to give the highest satisfaction to all who favour him with orders. The services of a large number of employees are engaged in the various departments of the business, with whom the principalís relations have always been of the most cordial character; and in every detail of the management, this gentleman is considerate to a degree for the welfare of his servants. Mr. Henderson is well known in the City, and supplies a familiar figure of our principal thoroughfare-, as, seated behind his high stepping pony, he delights the public with his mastery of the art of driving, of which he is one of the cleverest exponents in the North, and as a thorough judge of equine excellence, deservedly enjoys a reputation which justly inspires confidence in all who have the pleasure of dealing with him.

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