14 Bell Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 14 Great George Street

No occupant given until 1878

1878-80    Dewar, James, Canal Department, Caledonian Railway Co.

1880-85    Black, John (at W. & R. Hatrick & Co., wholesale & export chemists, druggists & spice grinders, 7-9 Bothwell Circus, Bothwell St. & 102 North St.)

1880-82    Grassby, Miss M.A., dressmaker

1883-84    Adam, James, glazier, glass stainer, lead lattice worker & embosser, 124 Waterloo St.

1883-84    Cullen, Wm., cashier (M. Robin & Son, brewers, Edinburgh ; offices, 9 East Howard St.)

1883-85    Smith, John, cashier (L. Sterne & Co. Ltd., engineers & machinists, makers of Emery wheels & machinery, railway springs & buffers, Clerk's Gas Engine & Strong's Feed Water Heater & Filter, The Crown Iron Works, 156 North Woodside Road ; showrooms, 191 Sauchiehall St.)

1885-90    Drinnan, Miss, dressmaker

1885-1901    Sutherland, John, tailor and clothier, 372 Argyle St.

1886-88    Baxter, Duncan, laundry keeper, 128 Shamrock St. & 40-42 Bank Street

1886-90    Gilchrist, John, bookkeeper (at Bilsland Brothers', bakers, 45 Hydepark St.)

1890-92    Fraser, Wm., city officer, City Chambers, George Square

1894-1914    Barr, Guy J., insurance secretary, 101 St. Vincent Street

1896-1908    Weatherston, William, assistant librarian, The University

1905    Smith, James

1908-13    Marshall, Andrew, working jeweller, 11 West Nile Street

1908-10    Waters, David, G.P.O.

1911    Allan, Thomas, manager, Hillhead Window Cleaning Co.

1914    Barr, Mrs.

1914    Jenkins, Edward John, commercial traveller

Across Bank Street to 10 Great George Street      Next door to 16 Great George Street

Around the corner to 46 Bank Street

Across Great George Street to 11 Great George Street

Across Bank Street to 10 Great George Street

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