10 Great George Street, Hillhead
House name : Bloomfield

No occupant given until 1852

1852-58    Cumming, Wm. (of John Bartholomew & Co., merchants, 78 Ingram St., later of Cumming, Wallace & Co., shirting manufacturers, 1 National Bank Buildings, Queen St. ; works, Ayton Place, Old Vennel)

1857-61    Drysdale, T.M. (of Drysdales & Co., wholesale Scotch warehousemen, 51 Cochran St., later of Anderson & Drysdale, power-loom cloth manufacturers, 8 George Square)

1860-61    Stirrat, James, sewed muslin manufacturer (of James Stirrat & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 100 Queen St.)

1861    No occupant given until 1862

1862-67    Harper, John (of Potter, Wilson & Co., merchants, 72 Great Clyde St.)

1867-70    Harper, John jun., commission agent, 3 West Nile St.

1870-74    McArthur, John, wright & builder, 117 Bothwell St.

1873-80    Symington, John jun. (of National Bank of Scotland)

1880-87    Gibson, Mrs. Elizabeth

1887-89    Torrance, Wm.

1889    No occupant given until 1891

1891-93    Todd, Alexander, house factor, 235 George Street

1891-93    Todd, George Bell, physician

1893    No occupant given until 1894

1894-1908    MacIntosh, Robt., secretary of the Glasgow Working Men's and West of Scotland Sabbath Protection Association

1908    No occupant given until after 1915

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