46 Bell Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 46 Bank Street

No occupant given until 1877

1877-79    Walker, Wm. B., hosier, glove and shirtmaker, 112 Argyle Street

1880-81    Jacob, John (of John Jacob & Co., grain and commission merchants, 16 Hope Street)

1879-80    Miller, Thomas (of Thomas Miller & Co., plasterers and moulders, 138 Wellington Street)

1880-82    Royal, Geo., agent, 21 Bath Street

1880-81    Sommerville, Ferguson, pianoforte music warehouse, 28 Great Western Road, Hillhead

1881-84    Hutton, Alex., butcher, 8 Rokeby Terrace, Great Western Road

1882-86    Mingay, Frank H., National Bank of Scotland Limited, St. Enoch Square

1883-84    Haddow, George, flour and commission merchant, 21 Hope Street

1884-86    Fraser, P.P. (at Scott & Gibson, glass bottle manufacturers, Firhill Glass Bottle Works, Springbank)

1885-91    Chalmers, James (of J. Chalmers & Co., bakers, cooks, and confectioners, 72 Hamilton Place (Great Western Road), Hillhead)

1886-87    Johnston, James, hairdresser and wigmaker, Royal Exchange & 16 Salisbury Place (Great Western Road), Hillhead

1886-92    McAlley, Wm., accountant, insurance agent, &c., 12 St. Vincent Place

1886-87    MacDonald, J.R., M.A., teacher of classics (Kelvinside Academy)

1887-92    McQueen, Peter, grocer and wine merchant, 30 Great Western Road, Hillhead

1888-89    Duncan, Henry, saddler and harness maker, 116 St. George's Road

1888-90    Smith, Geo. R., traveller (at P. & W. MacLellan, engineers, waggon builders, bridge & boiler makers, iron & steel merchants, machine makers, bolt, nut, rivet & chain manufacturers, ironmongers, gasfitters, 129 Trongate ; Clutha Iron Works, Vermont St., Plantation ; iron warehouse, 15 New Wynd)

1889-92    Kirkwood, Robt. (at R. & J. Garroway, manufacturing chemists and merchants, 68 Buchanan St. ; works, Netherfield Chemical Works, 694 Duke St.)

1891-96    Oswald, Frederick, hairdresser and perfumer, 16 Salisbury Place (Great Western Road), Hillhead

1891-94    Williamson, Walter, land surveyor, Office of Public Works, 64 Cochrane St.

1894-96    McCormick, Terence, teacher, Dumbarton

1896-98    Dunbar, Alex., cabinetmaker, upholsterer and golf club maker

1898-1903    Weir, Archd. A., ship model maker

1903    No occupant given until 1911

1911-12    Gordon, Mrs.

1912    No occupant given until after 1915

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