48 Bank Street, Hillhead

No occupant given until 1876

1876-78    Benzie, Wm., wright & builder, Victoria St. (Byres Road)

1876-84    Downie, John, writer (at Mitchells, Cowan & Johnston, writers, 160 West George Street)

1876-79    Wyllie, Gavin R. (at the Kirkwood Colliery Co., 82 West Regent Street)

1877-80    McDonald, James, commission agent, 13 South Exchange Place

1877-79    Paton, W. Grant (at Wm. Mitchell & Co.)

1877-79    Scott, James

1880-83    Redpath, J.

1880-83    Thomson, A. (of Archibald Thomson & Co., painters, paperhangers and glaziers, 50 Bank Street, Hillhead)

1881-83    Slagg, J. (of J. Slagg & Co., machinery and metal trades agents, 75 West Nile Street)

1883-87    McVey, George, grocer, 40 Great Western Road, Hillhead

1884-86    Thomson, John Joseph, silk buyer, 27 Jamaica St.

1884-86    Wright, Miss Catherine, hardware, tobacco, oils, and colours, 54 Hamilton Place (Great Western Road), Hillhead

1885-87    Robertson, Alex., accountant (at J. & J. Boyd & Miller, writers, 95 Wellington St.)

1886-96    Stuart, E. (at Stubbs & Co., protection of traders, 49 West George Street)

1888-90    Scott, Oliver

1889-93    Bacon, James M., watchmaker and jeweller, 302 Dumbarton Road

1891-92    Campbell, Wm. B., teacher of dancing, Clarendon Hall, St. George's Cross

1893-94    Shanks, Robt., baker & purveyor, polarena manufacturer, 310 Dumbarton Road

1896-98    McCormick, Terence, teacher, Dumbarton

1896-1904    Oswald, Frederick, hairdresser and perfumer, 462 Great Western Road

1904    No occupant given until after 1915

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