16 Bell Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 16 Great George Street

No occupant given until 1872

1872-79    Kent, Wm. (at Thomas Chalmers & Co., warehousemen ; retail, 167 Trongate : wholesale, 161 Trongate)

1872-79    Ogilvie, D.P.

1872-79    Ogilvie, Mrs.

1876-79    Vyle, Samuel, inspector of telegraphs (Eng.) G.P.O.

1878-80    Thomson, Archd. (of Archibald Thomson & Co., painters, paperhangers, and glaziers, 52 Bank St. & 18 Garrioch Mill Road)

1880-82    Kidd, John Risk (cutter at Henry Clow, clothier, 10 Royal Exchange Square)

1880-82    Laurie, John, smith, gasfitter and bellhanger, 4 Otago Street

1880-81    McLagan, Thomas, G.P.O.

1882-86    McAlley, Wm., debts recovery office, insurance agent, &c., 81 St. George's Place

1882-85    McMillan, John (at McMillan & Marshall, wholesale stationers, printers, account book, label & paper bag manufacturers, 61 Ingram Street)

1884-91    Duncan, Thomas (of Duncan & Pirie, clothiers and mantle makers, 339 Argyle Street)

1885-87    Aiken, Wm., accountant, Royal Bank of Scotland, Calton Branch, 44 Canning St.

1891    No occupant given until 1898

1898-12    Mair, John, house factor

1906-08    Muir, James, plumber and sanitary engineer (at John Muir, house factor, 16 Great George St.)

1912    No occupant given until after 1915

Next door to 14 Great George Street        Across the Eton Lane to 18 Great George Street (8 Eton Terrace)

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