11 Great George Street, Hillhead

No occupant given until 1878

1878-82    Laughland, James (of Brown, Hanlin & Co., manufacturers, Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan Street)

1878-83    Wilson, James (at Tillie & Henderson, shirt & underclothing manufacturers & printers, 39 Miller St.)

1880-85    Ferguson, Peter

1880-81    Forrest, Andrew

1880-83    McEwan, J.

1881-89    McColl, John C., clerk

1883-84    Davidson, Wm. A., M.A., teacher of English, High School, Elmbank St.

1884-90    Ferguson, John, teller, National Bank, Queen Street

1884-90    McIntyre, Alex., grocer and provision merchant, 8-10 McLean St.

1885-91    Blyth, Harry, journalist, "The Scottish People", "The Chiel", "The Scottish Press" Advertising Agency, 52 Sauchiehall St.

1885-90    Donald, Alex., writer, 93 West Regent Street

1890-92    Crawford, John Darley, artist and teacher of drawing and painting

1892-94    Lindsay, Wm. (of Wm. Lindsay & Sons, plumbers and gasfitters, 165 Holm Street)

1892-93    Lindsay, Miss, dressmaker

1893-97    Lindsay, Mrs. Wm.

1893-1903    Smith, Mrs., boys' suit maker

1900-1901    Crabbie, Alison B.

1903    No occupant given until 1907

1907-11    Paterson, Wm., butcher, 106 N. Woodside Road & 779 New City Road

1908    Chapman, James, church officer, Hillhead U.F. Church

1914    Hodge, E. Baird (secretary, F. Slater Ltd., wholesale manufacturing furriers & skin merchants & dressers, 628 Eglinton St.)

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