2 St. James' Terrace, Hillhead
Now 1 Hamilton Park Avenue
The street was originally known as St. James' Street.

No occupants given until 1855

1855-58    Honeyman, Michael, actuary (of John Honeyman and Son, corn factors, 5 Dixon Street)

1855-58    Kay, Thomas (of F. Finlayson & Co., manufacturers, 22 West Nile Street)

1855-57    Playfair, Geo. M. (of Lamb, Playfair & Co., corn factors, 30 Hope Street)

1855-58    Wilson, Wm. (of Wilson & Matheson, general outfitters, manufacturers of umbrellas, shoes, braces, stays, shirts, hats & carpet-bags, 54-60 Candleriggs)

1858-63    Kay, Miss

1858-65    Sillars, David (of R. & D. Sillars, cotton yarn merchants, 74 Buchanan St.)

1860-63    Smith, Andrew F. (at Pattison Brothers, calico printers, 51 Buchanan St.)

1861-64    Auchterlonie, Geo. (of R.E. Simpson & Co., sewing machine manufacturers, 90 Maxwell Street)

1863-71    Tait, Wm.

1865-67    Dallas, Mrs.

1865-67    McSymon, Mrs.

1866-67    Davidson, Thomas jun. (of Thomas Davidson, jun. & Co., tobacco pipe manufacturers & clay merchants, Caledonian Pipe Works, 33-41 Garngad Hill)

1866-67    Davis, Alfred (of D. Davis & Son, merchants, watch manufacturers and wholesale jewellers, 12 Gordon Street)

1866-84    Wilson, James A. (of John Wilson & Sons, clothiers and gentlemen's outfitters, 26 St. Enoch Square)

1867-77    Lang, A. Stewart (of Gray & Lang, grain merchants, 57 Oswald Street)

1867-71    Rennie, Robt. (of Richmond, Struthers & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, paperhangings & carpets, 96 Buchanan St. ; factory, Whytbank, 163 Dumbarton Road)

1867-71    Tait, Benjamin, grocer and wine merchant, 8 Hamilton Place, 68 Great Western Road

1871-82    Fowlis, Wm., gas engineer, 42 Virginia Street

1873-74    Bryden, Mrs. W.C.

1874-75    Muir, R.S., H.M. Inspector of Schools

1877-83    Schulze, Albrecht, 39 St Vincent Place

1883-85    Smith, Mrs. J.R.

1885    Niven, Wm., writer (of Niven & MacNiven, writers & notaries public, 153 St. Vincent St.)

1886-89    McFarlane, John H.

1886-90    Sillars, Mrs.

1892-97    Bruce, Mrs. Wm.

1892-94    Campbell, John jun., agent

1895-1903    Allan, John, surveyor, Lloyd's register

1896    Campbell, Mrs. John, jun.

1897-1908    Johnson, Wm. S., patentee of Locks and Axle pulleys

1908-09    Walker, John, house factor and commission agent, 33 Bath St.

Next door to 1 St. James' Terrace (3 Hamilton Park Avenue)       Around the corner to 3 St. James' Terrace (now 3 Ruskin Terrace)

Across Hamilton Park Avenue to 2 Hamilton Park Avenue (1 Hamilton Place or Hamilton Park Terrace)

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