3 St. James' Terrace, Hillhead
Before 1855 known as 1 St. James' Terrace, now 1 Ruskin Terrace.

No occupants given until 1855

1855-59    Binning, Robt. (of Geo. Miller & Co., manufacturing chemists & oil merchants ; asphalters, tar, naphtha & rosin distillers, grease manufacturers, 83 Jamaica St. ; works, 89 Rumford St.)

1859    No occupants given until 1860

1860-63    McKinnon, Peter (of Gourock Sailwork Co., sail and ropemakers, ship chandlers and flag makers, 220-222 Broomielaw)

1863-66    Field, Wm. B. (of Henry Field & Son, oil importers and merchants, 68 Buchanan Street ; stores, Springfield Court)

1866    No occupants given until 1867

1867-71    Muirhead, Mrs. J.W.

1871-72    Pringle, John, M.D.

1872-76    Maquet, Otto (of Maquet and Clauss, iron merchants, 16 Bothwell St.)

1876-78    Bald, Wm. R. (of James Bald & Co., corn brokers, 13 Hope Street)

1878-81    Kosmack, Max. (of Kosmack & Hulsekopf, grain and commission merchants, 27 Hope St., later at 267 Argyle St.)

1881    No occupants given until 1882

1882    McVail, (Sir) David C., M.D., M.B., F.F.P.S., physician, lecturer on medicine in the Western Medical School

Around the corner to 2 St. James' Terrace (1 Hamilton Park Avenue)         Next door to 4 St. James' Terrace (2 Ruskin Terrace)

Across Hamilton Park Avenue to 536 Great Western Road (12 Hamilton Place)

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