4 St. James' Terrace, Hillhead
Before 1855 known as 2 St. James' Terrace, now 2 Ruskin Terrace.

No occupants given until 1861

1861-79    Gilmour, Graham (of Graham Gilmour & Co., merchants, 160 Buchanan St.)

1861-72    Gilmour, Robt., merchant, 67 West Nile Street

1879-85    Orr, Mrs. Moore

1885    No occupants given until 1887

1887-94    Moir, Wm. B., M.D., surgeon

1894-97    Trestrail, Dr. H. Ernest, M.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., physician to the Glasgow Hospital for Diseases of Women ; consulting rooms, 375 Sauchiehall St.

1897-1903    Campbell, Mrs. Alex.

1903    Smith, Mrs. Frank (board residence)

Next door to 3 St. James' Terrace (1 Ruskin Terrace)     Next door to 5 St. James' Terrace (3 Ruskin Terrace)

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