5 St. James' Terrace, Hillhead
Before 1855 known as 3 St. James' Terrace, now 3 Ruskin Terrace.

No occupants given until 1854

1854-59    Forbes, Mrs.

1859    No occupants given until 1862

1862-64    McEwan, Robert F. (of John McEwen & Son, iron merchants, 2 North Court, Royal Exchange)

1864-66    Cochrane, J.R. (of J.R. Cochrane & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, Albyn Mills, South York St., Little Govan)

1866-70    Bryce, David (of David Bryce & Co., booksellers and stationers, 129 Buchanan Street)

1866-70    Bryce, David jun. (of David Bryce & Co., booksellers and stationers, 129 Buchanan Street)

1867-70    Bryce, W.C. (at G.L. Walker & Co., spinners and manufacturers, 45 W. Nile St. ; works, Falfield Mills, Port Eglinton)

1870-75    Stewart, James Hay, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland

1875-80    Carlile, Thomas (of Stevenson, Carlile & Co., manufacturing chemists, 23 W. Nile St. ; works, 51 Millburn St., Garngad Hill Townhead)

1880-86    Pettigrew, Wm. (of Black & Wingate, manufacturers & printers, 5 Royal Exchange Square ; spinning & weaving works, Kelvinhaugh)

1886-88    Steel, M.T., 4 West Nile Street

1886-95    Steel, James, stockbroker, member of Stock Exchange, 4 West Nile Street

1886-95    Steel, Mrs.

1895-99    Downie, R.M. (of R.M. Downie & Co., East India merchants, 104 West George St.)

1899-1911    Wilson, Dr. H. Garnett, M.B, C.M.

1911    Wilson, Mrs. H. Garnett

1914    Wilson, G. Haswell, M.B., Ch.B.

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