1 St. James' Terrace, Hillhead
Now 3 Hamilton Park Avenue
The street was originally known as St. James' Street.

No occupants given until 1857

1857-60    Crawford, John (of Crawford, Logan & Co., corn factors, 13 Hope St.)

1860-65    Drew, Wm. (of Ritchie & Drew, accountants, sharebrokers and insurance agents, 97 West George Street)

1865-66    Porteous, Rev. Geo.B., Independent minister, New Jerusalem Church, Cathedral St.

1866-67    Murphy, W.K.

1867-69    Davidson, Thomas jun. (of Thomas Davidson, jun. & Co., tobacco pipe manufacturers & clay merchants, Caledonian Pipe Works, 33-41 Garngad Hill)

1869-71    Stewart, Rev. Wm., M.A., B.D., St. George's-in-the-Fields, St. George's Road

1871-79    McLeod, D. Brodie, clothier (of Macleod & Son, merchant tailors, 75 Buchanan Street)

1879    No occupants given until 1881

1881-88    Anderson, James W. (of Anderson Brothers, merchants and commission agents, 24 St. Vincent Place)

1888    No occupants given until 1889

1889-92    Toms, S.E., representative of Keens & Co., London

1892    No occupants given until 1896

1896-1900    Toms, Mrs. Edmund

1900-10    McKeand, Allan, second senior engineer surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 342 Argyle St.

1910    No occupants given until after 1915

Across Hamilton Drive to 21 Hamilton Park Avenue (1 Hamilton (Park) Terrace)         Next door to 2 St. James' Terrace (1 Hamilton Park Avenue)

Across Ruskin Lane and around the corner to 1 Hamilton Drive

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