8 Lynn Gardens, Hillhead
Now 15 Cresswell Street, formerly Elliot Street.

No occupants given until 1906

1906-12    Lewis, Walter, A.R.A.M., teacher of singing and voice production, baritone vocalist

1907    Ogilvie, Cecil (Arthur & Co. Ltd., warehousemen & manufacturers, 78 Queen St. ; factory, 33 William St., Anderston)

1909-11    Kelly, James H., manager, James Ballantyne & Son, watch manufacturers, jewellers, importers of French clocks and oriental goods, 62 Virginia St.

1909    McGaw, Wm. (at Wm. Graham & Co., merchants, 400 Cathedral St.)

1910    McDougall, Robert Reid (Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Ltd., insurance, Ocean Buildings, 190 West George St.)

1911    Linck, George E. (at Clarke, Chapman & Co. Ltd., boiler makers & electrical machinery manufacturers, Thomas Miller, 81 St. Vincent St.)

1912    Coutts, Wm. (of Coutts & Co., engineers & agents, 90 Mitchell St.)

1913    Clark, Matthew (at Donaldson Brothers Ltd., steamship owners, 58 Bothwell St.)

Around the corner to 7 Lynn Gardens (27 Cranworth Street)

Across Cranworth Lane to 9 Cresswell Street (1 Redcliff Mansions)

Across Cranworth Street to Hillhead Baptist Church (41 Cresswell Street)

Across the Cresswell Street to 12 Cresswell Street

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