8 Cleveden Road, Kelvinside
Formerly Crossloan Road
Also Known as 44 Cleveden (Montgomerie) Drive, and before 1906 as 30 Montgomerie Drive.
House name : Arnewood

No occupants given until 1894

1894    Neilson, Wm. (of Summerlee Iron Co. Ltd., coal, iron, steel, makers of pig-iron & by-products, 176 West George St. & Coatbridge)

Across Cleveden (Montgomerie) Drive to 12 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Balgray)

Around the corner to 40 Cleveden (Montgomerie) Drive

Around the corner to 1 Lancaster Crescent

Across the Cleveden (Crossloan) Road to 5 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Cleveden)

Across the Cleveden (Crossloan) Road to 48 Cleveden (Montgomerie) Drive (Stoneleigh)

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