12 Cleveden Road, Kelvinside
Formerly 12 Crossloan Road
Also known as 31 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Drive
House name : Balgray

No occupants given until 1873

1873-94    Dean, A.D. (of Gilmour & Dean, engravers, lithographers & wholesale stationers, 50 North Hanover St.)

1889-90    Park, John Stuart, teller, Royal Bank, Exchange Square

1894-1900    Pearson, Isaac (of Pearson, Beckitt & Co., seed crushers, oil merchants & refiners, Rockvilla Oil Mills, Port Dundas, & of Union Oil & Coke Mills Ltd., London)

1900    Galloway, Thos. (of J. & J. Steel Ltd., distillers, blenders & exporters of fine Scotch whisky, 6 Cadogan St.)

Across Cleveden (Montgomerie) Drive to 8 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Arnewood)       Next door to 16 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Craigmount)

Around the corner to 29 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Drive

Across the Cleveden (Crossloan) Road to 11 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Montgomerie House)

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