16 Cleveden Road, Kelvinside
Formerly 16 Crossloan Road
House name : Craigmount

No occupants given until 1882

1882-86    Smith, Gibson C. (of Geo. Smith & Co., architectural ironfounders & sanitary engineers, Sun Foundry, Kennedy St.)

1886    No occupants given until 1887

1887-97    Wilson, John, coalmaster, Overtown, Law, Shawfield & Douglas Park Collieries, & Pollock Gas Coal Works, 69 Great Clyde St.)

1897    Mitchell, Stephen (of Stephen Mitchell & Son, tobacco manufacturers, 36 St. Andrew's Square)

Next door to 12 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Balgray)         Across Cleveden Gardens (Eglinton Drive) to 24 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Shemore)       

Around the corner to 2 Eglinton Drive (2 Cleveden Gardens)

Across Cleveden (Crossloan) Road to 15 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Forresthill House)

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