5 Cleveden Road, Kelvinside Gardens, Kelvinside
Formerly 5 Crossloan Road
House name : Cleveden

No occupants given until 1876

1876-1912    Russell, Thomas (of Walter MacFarlane & Co., architectural, artistic, sanitary & general casting smiths, etc., Saracen Foundry, Possil Park)

1912    Stevenson, D.M. (of D.M. Stevenson & Co., coal, coke, iron & chemical exporters, 12 Waterloo St.)

Next door to 3 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Ashcraig)

Across Cleveden (Montgomerie) Drive to 11 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Montgomerie House)

Around the corner to 48 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Drive (Stoneleigh)

Across the Cleveden Road to 8 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Arnewood)

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