23 Woodside Place, Park

No occupants given until 1848

1848-49    Western Collegiate Institution, for the education of young ladies

1849-66    Maxwell, Thomas, merchant (of Maxwell, Clerk & Co., merchants and corn factors, 28 Hope St.)

1866-68    Brown, James (of William Brown, Sons & Co., oil merchants & colour manufacturers, 22 St. Enoch Square ; retail warehouse, 28 Stockwell St. ; works, Parkhouse)

1868-69    Dickson, W. Gillespie, senior sheriff-substitute, County Buildings, Wilson St.

1869    No occupants given until 1870

1870-72    Dalglish, Robt. jun. (of R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co., calico printers, 29 St. Vincent Place ; works, Lennoxmill, Lennoxtown)

1872-80    Harvey, Wm. G. (of Wm. G. Harvey & Co., produce brokers, 33 Virginia St.)

1880    No occupants given until 1882

1882-85    Connal, Robt. N.C. (of Connal, Cotton & Co., Canadian merchants, 134 St. Vincent St.)

1885-86    Allan, Richard G., ship owner (of James & Alex. Allan, merchants & ship owners, 70 Gt. Clyde St.)

1886-88    Cross, Malcolm (Agar, Cross & Co., merchants, (River Plate), Argentine Consulate General for Scotland, 31 St. Vincent Place)

1888-90    Connal, Mrs.

1890    No occupants given until 1892

1892    Anderson, James Wallace, M.D., physician to the Royal Infirmary

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