10 Beaconsfield Street, Partick
Now 52 White Street
Also known as Rothesay Gardens

No occupants given until 1894

1894-99    Strang, P. (Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Ingram Street)

1896-1902    Freebairn, James (at McCall & Stephen, biscuit manufacturers, 14-18 Adelphi Terrace)

1897-98    Kinloch, James, compass adjuster (at Alex. Dobbie & Sons Ltd., chronometer, nautical instrument makers, opticians, Admiralty chart agents, 44 & 45 Clyde Place)

1900    Heron, Mrs. J.B.

1901-03    Begg, James, missionary

1911    Smith, Mrs.

Next door to 50 White Street (8 Beaconsfield Street)     Next door to 54 White Street (12 Beaconsfield Street)

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