8 Beaconsfield Street, Partick
Now 50 White Street
Also known as Rothesay Gardens

No occupants given until 1893

1893-97    Burns, Andrew, house factor and property agent, 67 West Nile Street

1893-1900    Shepherd, James, tailor and clothier, 11 Dowanhill St., Partick

1893-98    Whiteman, G.H. (of Ritchie & Whiteman, tin, copper, metal merchants & agents, 116 St. Vincent Street)

1894-95    Campbell, J.S., teacher of music, Western Dancing Academy, St. Georges Cross

1895-97    Burns, J.

1895-96    Nairn, John, fishmonger, 395 New City Road

1896-1906    McLachlan, John, teller, National Bank of Scotland, Anderston

1902-03    Wilson, Peter, cashier (at Thomas Stewart & Co., iron, steel, metal and machinery merchants, 77-81 Hydepark St.)

1906-07    Strath, Mrs.

1907-11    Callaghan, J.

1911    Hannah, R.

1910-12    Sargent, Thomas, joiner (at G. & J. Burns Ltd., engine works and store, 85 Clyde Street, Anderston)

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