1 Dowanvale Terrace, Partick
Now 38 White Street, formerly 38 Wood Street

No occupants given until 1872

1872-78    Moir, Peter (at Walter Crum & Co., calico printers, 4 West Regent St.)

1873-78    Colquhoun, David T., writer and notary public, 89 West Regent St.

1878-80    Finlay, R.H., accountant, 125 Ingram Street

1879-85    Crawford, Hugh, collector, Burgh Buildings, Hillhead

1879-80    Riddoch, David S. (of J. & D. Riddoch, manufacturers and agents, 30 Gordon Street)

1879-80    Riddoch, John, agent and manufacturer, 30 Gordon St.

1880-86    Christie, Miss

1880-1901    Russell, Mrs.

1880-83    Stewart, John (of Wyse & Stewart, sugar brokers, 76 Wilson Street)

1881-85    Wilson, Matthew, engineer (D. Cockburn, engineer, iron and brass founder, barrow and boiler maker, 72 McNeil Street)

1883-88    Miller, Peter N. (of W. & P. Miller, builders, Winton Drive, Kelvinside)

1887-91    Addison, W. Innes, writer (at Maclean, Peattie and McIntyre, writers, 175 Hope St.)

1887-88    Watson, Andrew

1889-98    Mair, John, baker, cook, and confectioner, 25 Hyndland St. and 417 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1889-99    Menzies, Samuel (at Aitken & Mansel, shipbuilders, Whiteinch shipbuilding yard, Whiteinch)

1889-96    Welsh, Hugh, registrar of births, &c. for Partick district and house factor, 4 Hamilton St., Partick

1896-98    Inglis, James (of Warden & Inglis, paraffin lamp manufacturers, 128a Renfield St. ; works, Renfrew St.)

1898-1909    Gage, John (of Gage & Stoddart, flour and produce merchants, 73 Waterloo St.)

1898    Gage, Mrs.

1898    Hart, James, fishmonger & poulterer, 3 Hyndland St.

1899-1909    Menzies, Mrs.

1900-05    Sandilands, Robt. I.M., measurer, property sun'eyor and valuator, 154 West Regent St.

1900    Sandilands, Miss

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