31 Argyll Place, Partick
now 68 Hyndland St.

No occupants given until 1872

1872-79    Griffiths, P.W., wax refiner & taper manufacturer, Scotstoun Mill Road

1873-75    Donaldson, Wm. P., accountant, 49 Virginia St.

1875-76    Kennedy, A.H., teacher of writing, drawing, painting, etc.

1876-77    Orr, John, joiner

1879-80    Reid, James C., tea merchant, 180 West Regent St.

1880-87    Donaldson, James, 12 Argyle Street

1880-86    Lawson, Mrs.

1880-82    McFarlane, R.

1880-1900    Sanderson, Geo., wine merchant and commission agent, 61.5 West Regent Street, later at 19-21 Bridge Street, Partick

1882-90    Halley, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 107 Bothwell St.

1882-97    Murray, Wm., railway manager, contractor

1883-85    McPherson, Dugald, bar and sheriff officer, 107 Brunswick St.

1885-92    Egan, Richard, Inland Revenue Office, 280 George Street

1887-91    Bell, Wm. Collins, cashier (at Alex. Walter Stewart, writer and notary public, 156 later 164 Bath Street

1891-92    Aitken, Hugh

1891-1901    McCaig, Wm., clothier, 45 Hope St.

1892-95    Reid, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 72 Hyndland St.

1895-06    Sanderson, Mrs., spirit merchant, 19 Bridge Street, Partick

1896-98    Dunlop, Dr. Wm., M.B., C.M. & C., medical practitioner

1897-1907    Thompson, Wm., plasterer and modeller, 95 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1900-01    Michie, Geo., oil and colour merchant and drysalter, 18 Anderston Quay

1904-06    Downie, Alex. F., reporter, "Glasgow Herald"

1904-08    Smith, Robert Murray, jun., reporter, "Glasgow Herald"

1908    McPhee, Wm. A.

1909-13    Thomas, Mrs.

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Around the corner to 38 White Street (1 Dowanvale Terrace)

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