5 Spring Gardens, North Kelvinside
now 76 Clouston Street, formerly 76 Montgomerie Street

No occupants given until 1879

1879-80    Colville, James, M.A., D.Sc., English Master, Glasgow Academy, Kelvinbridge

1879-97    Scott, James, metal broker, 80 Buchanan Street

1879-81    Moir, James, M.A., head classical master, Glasgow Academy, Kelvinbridge

1879-82    Richmond, Wm.

1880-1903    MacLean, John Dalziel, teacher, High School

1882-84    Clark, Andrew, resident secretary Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Co., 190 West George St.

1882-1903    Davidson, Thomas jun. (Thos. Davidson, jun. & Co., clay merchants & tobacco pipe manufacturers, Caledonia Pipe Works, 33-41 Garngad Hill)

1885-87    Patterson, Rev. Sutton, curate, St. Mary's Episcopal Church

1889-97    Marshall, James, miller, sole proprietor of "Marshall's Semolina", "Farola", "Granola", 22 Adelphi Terrace

1897    Bissett, Robt., house factor, 96 Renfield St.

1897    Bissett, Wm. (of Alex. Bissett & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 235 Hope St.)

1897-1901    Scott, Mrs. James

1901    Smith, James (Ross & Co., wholesale agents & merchants, electric bells, indicators, lighting, 62 Robertson St.)

1902-13    Lee, T. Morton (at Malcom Fraser, accountant and stockbroker, 34 W. George St.)

1904-13    Brand, Geo. M. (of Brand & Lithgow, architects and surveyors, 131 West Regent St.)

1913    French, James A., C.A. (of French & Cowan, chartered accountants, 116 Hope St.)

Next door to 6 Spring Gardens (72 Clouston Street)

Around the corner to 1 Spring Gardens (277 Garrioch Road)

Across Clouston Sreet to 3 Garrioch Gardens (79 Clouston St.)

Across Garrioch Road, Kirklee Bridge & Wyndham Street to 61 Kirklee Road

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