St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 300 Great Western Road

No occupant given until 1871

1871    St. Mary's Episcopal Church ; minister, 1871-78, Rev. R.S. Oldham, M.A. ; 1871-73, Whitman, B., professor of music, organist
                                                                  1887-91, Rev. F.E. Ridgeway
                                                                  1891-1905, Rev. R. Howell Brown, M.A., rector
                                                                  1905-07, Rev. F. Le. Deane, M.A., rector
                                                                  1907-10, Rev. R.J. Anderson Robertson, M.A., M.B., C.M.

Across Napiershall Street to 298 Great Western Road        Across Holyrood Crescent to 360 Great Western Road

Across Napiershall Street to 2 Napiershall Street (7 St. Mary's Place)

Around the corner to 28 Holyrood Crescent

Around the corner to 5 Napiershall Road

Across Great Western Road to 281 Great Western Road

Across Great Western Road to 321 Great Western Road

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