2 Southpark Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 26 Southpark Avenue, originally as Ann Street.

No occupant given until 1863

1863-65    Shaw, James (of Shaw, Thomson & Moore, iron brokers, spelter & general agents, 2 Royal Exchange Court, 85 Queen Street)

1865-78    Guthrie, David (of James Shaw & Co., calico printers, 12 Royal Exchange Square)

1877-83    Church, Wm. R.M., C.A., 67 St. Vincent Street, later of Anderson & Church, accountants and stockbrokers, and insurance agents, 45 W. Nile St.

1878-87    Church, Wm., jun., chartered accountant, insurance and property agent, 75 St. George's Place

1887    No occupant given until 1888

1888-93    Hirsch, Paul, professor of languages, Hutchesons' Grammar School

1893    No occupant given until 1895

1895-99    Somerville, Dr. W.F., M.A., B.Sc., M.D., F.F.P.S., physician

1899-1901    Williams, Mrs.

1901    No occupant given until 1902

1902-05    Raleigh, Walter, Professor of English Language and Literature, The University

1905-07    Gordon, John Hope (of Fraser, Gordon & Co., sugar brokers and provision and flour brokers, 54-56 Miller Street)

1907    Dixon, Prof. Wm. McNeille,  Professor of English Literature, Glasgow University

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