6 Queen Margaret Crescent, Hillhead
Known as 79 Hamilton Drive, Hillhead from 1905

No occupants given until 1886

1886-92    Walker, Mrs. A.M.

1887-89    Baird, Hugh (of George Ure Baird, commission merchant, 77 Queen Street)

1887-92    Steven, R.M. (of Robert M. Steven & Son, engravers, lithographers and embossers, 176 Ingram St.)

1890-92    Newlands, Geo. F., LL.B., writer and notary public, 135 St. Vincent St.

1892-93    Bennett, G.B.

1892-99    Cairney, Douglas, stock and share broker, 24 George Square

1892-98    Cairney, Wm. D., chartered accountant, 24 George Square

1893-1908    Lawson, Archibald, district manager, Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd., 19 St. Vincent Place

1898-1902    Christie, James R.B. (of Christie Brothers, merchants and commission agents, 111 Union Street)

1900-01    Miller, Robert F., civil engineer & land surveyor, 109 Bath St.

1902-07    Copland, W.R., jun., civil engineer & land surveyor (of Copland & Foulis, gas, water, and sewerage engineers, 146 West Regent St.)

1902-07    French, Robert D.

1907-08    Aitken, Thomas

1908    No occupants given until 1910

1910-11    Aitken, T.

1910    Clachan, Mrs.

1910    Donald, James A. (of Donald & McPherson, oilstone & grindstone manufacturers, 107 Cambridge St.)

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