64 Polwarth Street, Hyndland
formerly Polwarth Gardens, Hyndland

No occupants given until 1904

1904-06    Bowie, W.E.P. (of W.T. Bowie & Co., steel wire rope manufacturers, Barrowfield Wire Rope Works, 200 Glenpark Road)

1904-05    Brabrook, Henry R. (at Blackie & Son Ltd., publishers, 17 Stanhope St.)

1904-05    Marshall, Fred.

1905-09    Frame, G.M.

1907-14    Cassils, Charles Wm. (of Charles Wm. Cassils & Co., calico printers & merchants, 13 St. Vincent Place)

1909    McNeish, Andrew D. (of McNeish & Geake, grain & flour merchants, 77 Robertson St.)

1912    Gimson, G.W. (rep. A. Lloyd & Sons Ltd. (London), makers of tin boxes, canisters, etc., plain & decorated, 45 Renfield St.)

1913    McFarlane, Capt. Geo., organising officer, Glasgow National Reserve, 24 Blythswood Sq.

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