63 Polwarth Street, Hyndland
formerly Polwarth Gardens, Hyndland

No occupants given until 1903

1903-05    Gregson, John S., hairdresser, perfumer, hairworker & wigmaker, 290 Byres Road & Royal Exchange

1904-11    Munro, Ian A.R. (at The Law Guarantee and Trust Society, 88 St. Vincent St.)

1905-09    Riddlesworth, W.H.

1905-09    Wilson, Wm., secretary (D. & J. Tul!is Ltd, general engineers, makers of tanks, steam laundry engineers, ironfounders, Kilbowie Iron Works)

1909-14    Robertson, Chas.

1912    Allan, James (Jas. McQueen & Co., trimmings & laces, 142 Queen St.)

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