37 Oakfield Avenue, Hillhead
Eton Place, formerly known as Wilson Street
Originally 19 Nelson Terrace, before 1879

No occupant given until 1858

1858-59    Pender, James B., rosin distiller and patent anti-friction grease manufacturer, Moore St., Gallowgate

1859    No occupant given until 1861

1861-66    Penman,  (of Robert H. Penman & Co., sanitary & general earthenware manufacturers, 295 Dobbie's Loan, Port-Dundas)

1866-68    Miller, Rev. Thomas, minister, St. Stephen's Church, Cambridge St.

1868    No occupant given until 1871

1871-79    Napier, J. Wm.

1871-79    Napier, Wm.

1877-1914    Bell, David (at Robt. Napier & Sons, engineers and shipbuilders, Lancefield house, Glasgow ; engine works, Lancefield Foundry ; building-yard at Govan)

1914    Bell, Rev. W. Napier, clergyman

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