35 Oakfield Avenue, Hillhead
Eton Place, formerly known as Wilson Street
Originally 18 Nelson Terrace, before 1879

No occupant given until 1859

1859-62    McConechy, James, secretary to Northern Assurance Co., 19 St. Vincent Place

1862-70    Playfair, Geo. M. (of PIayfair, Bryce & Co., merchants, 5 Victoria Place, West Regent Street)

1870    No occupant given until 1871

1871-1903    Young, Thomas, Royal Bank

1872-73    Young, Philip (of Alison & Co., tea merchants, 113 West Nile Street)

1874-76    Young, Thomas (of Thomas Young & Co., wine merchants, 81 West Regent St. later at 2 Sandyford St.)

1903    Thomson, Charles C., retired master mariner

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