7 Lindsay Terrace, Dowanside, Burgh of Partick
now 32 Lawrence Street, Dowanside

No occupants given until 1873

1873-77    Henderson, James, commission merchant, 97 Union St.

1877    No occupants given until 1880

1880-81    McIntosh, Wm. G.

1880-81    McIntosh, Misses

1881-83    Beryl, H. Cecil, lessee and manager, Royal Princess Theatre, Main street, South Side

1883    No occupants given until 1889

1889-92    Snodgrass, Dr. Wm., M.A., M.B., C.M., Muirhead Demonstrator of Physiology, University

1892-94    Thomson, Dr. W. Ernest F., M.B., physician and surgeon

1894-98    Mason, David E.S., commercial traveller, 74 Trongate

1898    Whitehouse, M.B., C.M., physician & surgeon

Next door to 6 Lindsay Terrace (30 Lawrence Street)       Across Dowanhill Street to 34 Lawrence Street (2 Lawrence Place)

Around the corner to 8 Lindsay Terrace (44 Dowanhill Street)

Across Lawrence Street to 23 Lawrence Street

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