2 Lawrence Place, Partick
now 34 Lawrence Street

No occupants given until 1859

1859-74    Campbell, Mrs. Wm.

1859-62    Fraser, James P., inspector of branches, City of Glasgow Bank

1859-75    Gray, Robt., City of Glasgow Bank

1862-77    McGilivray, Hugh (at J. & D. Paton & Co., manufacturers, 59 St. Vincent Street and Tillicoultry)

1863-76    Birrell, Dawson (of Chamberlain & Birrell, wholesale straw bonnet manufacturers and importers of French flowers, lace, &c., 14 Buchanan St.)

1869-71    McGilvray, Neil

1874-77    McCaul, James S. (of McCaul, Murray & Co., merchants, linen, sailcloth, hessian, bagging & sacking manufacturers, 72 Ingram St.)

1874-76    Ross, Allan, chief clerk, Custom House

1875-83    Bain, Robt. (of Hydepark Foundry Co., iron founders, Hydepark Foundry, 54 Finnieston Street)

1877-80    McKechnie, Henry (of Finlay, McKechnie & Paton, tea merchants, 56 York Street)

1878-81    Murdoch, Patrick (of G.H. Geddes & Murdoch, commission merchants, 208 West George Street)

1880-84    Kennedy, Miss

1881-85    Bain, Mrs.

1882-86    Annan, Edward (of W., E., & A. J. Annan, writers, 112 West Regent Street)

1884-87    McGregor, James (of P. & R. Fleming & Co., ironmongers, smiths, gasfitters, bellhangers, fence & gate manufacturers, agricultural implements, 29 Argyle St. ; warehouse, 18-24 Stockwell St. ; branch, 1 Dowanhill Place, Partick ; works, Kelvin St., Partick)/87

1885-87    Paisley, Rev. Duncan Turner, minister, Milton Established Church

1886-1901    Riddoch, D.S., commission merchant, 30 Gordon Street

1887-90    Burns, Wm., wine & spirit merchant, 165-167 Dumbarton Road, Partick, 137 Castle St. & 23 Cleland St.

1889-1910    Scott, Alex. (of Alex. Stephen & Sons, shipbuilders and engineers, Linthouse, Govan)

1892-1902    Innes, A. Irvine, assistant editor, "Daily Mail"

1892-1905    Stewart, James, commission merchant, 11 West Regent Street

1901-10    Miller, James H., M.A., headmaster, Wellpark Public School

1902-10    Miller, Wm., agent, British Linen Co. Bank (Kelvinhaugh branch)

1906    Miller, Rev. Andrew, chaplain, Parish District Hospitals

Across Dowanhill Street to 32 Lawrence Street (7 Lindsay Terrace)         Next door to 4 Lawrence Place (36 Lawrence Street)

Around the corner to 1 Lawrence Place (45 Dowanhill Street)

Across Lawrence Street to 35 Lawrence Street (5 Argyll Place)

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