8 Kelvinside Gardens (East), North Kelvinside
Called 22 Kelvinside Gardens (North) before 1892.
House Name : Winterdyne

No occupants given until 1882

1882-84    Thomson, Mrs. J.F.

1884-93    Martin, Andrew, house factor, property & insurance agent, 154 West Regent St. & 26 Wyndford Road, Maryhill

1884-1901    Martin, Thomas, cashier, Garscube Colliery, Maryhill

1901    No occupants given until 1907

1907-11    Ure, James M., commercial traveller (Smith, Sons & Laughlands Ltd., wholesale warehousemen & manufacturers, 67-87 Mitchell St.)

1911    Miller, A.

Next door to 6 Kelvinside Gardens (East)     Across Kelvinside Gardens (North) and down the steps to 23 Melrose Gardens

Around the corner to 2 Kelvinside Gardens (North)

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