10 Hillsborough Terrace, Hillhead
Now 2 Bower Street, formerly Bruce Street.

No occupants given until 1875

1875-82    Robb, Alex. (at G.D. Fisher & Co., shawl manufacturers, &c, 55 Wilson Street & London & Manchester)

1882-86    Baird, James (of James Laing & Co., merchants and drysalters, 8 Bothwell Street)

1886-89    Aikman, Henry Erskine (of Thomson Aikman & Co., ship and produce brokers and commission merchants, 5 Prince's Square)

1889-97    Anderson, H.K., C.A. (of Kerr, Andersons, Muir & Main, chartered accountants and sharebrokers, 149 West George St.)

1897    No occupants given until 1899

1899-1900    Faulds, Mrs.

1900-03    Gray, Robt. H., secy., Laidlaw, Mackill & Co. Ltd., manufacturing chemists & tobacco importers, makers of tobacco composition for sheep dipping, Mercantile Chambers, 63 Bothwell St ; stores, H.M. Customs Bond, 28 York St.

1903    Clapperton, Lewis, C.A. (of Aitken, MacKenzie & Clapperton, chartered accountants & stock brokers, 2 West Regent St.)

Next door to 9 Hillsborough Terrace (4 Bower Street)        Around the corner to 11 Hillsborough Terrace (4 Southpark Avenue, formerly Ann Street)

Across Bower Street to 1 Bower Street (20 Hillsborough Square)

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